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Don’t let the May Day bonfires deter your vampiric purchases in yet another Night’s Black Agents-packed release month. We’ve got the PDF release of the era- and Europe-spanning campaign The Persephone Extraction, along with the pre-orders for the four-panel Director’s Screen and Resource Guideand the solitary Night’s Black Agents: Solo Ops. Also still on pre-order are the long-awaited 13th Age sandbox campaign Shards of the Broken Sky, and the simultaneously gritty and super-powered police procedural Mutant City Blues 2nd Edition.

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What Pelgrane merchandise (e.g. t-shirts, baseball caps, enamel pins) would you most like to see?

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10 Responses to “See Page XX – May 2019”

  1. Paul says:

    Would love themed Push tokens/coins, as more GUMSHOE games incorporate Pushes…

  2. Neal Dalton says:

    And I’d seriously buy a straight up Pelgrane Press shirt.

  3. Sean says:

    Pelgrane logo merch

  4. Nanouk says:

    I’d be interested in Fear Itself and Esoterrorists merch, as they’re the ‘go to’ games I use to introduce people to the system.
    Esoterrorists especially, as it has some strong logo action and a visual identity.

  5. Nanouk Harper says:

    I’d be interested in Esoterrorists / Ordo Veritas

  6. Ben Ferguson says:

    You could simply go for some decent art with a game logo. Art on Tees is great.

    Cthulhu City art
    Great Cthulhu himself
    Icons from 13th Age with the 13A logo

    Plus some good humour. An NBA stake out… Double meaning etc

    Getting your brands out there with kewl art!

    Good luck :)

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