Cthulhu Confidential

cthulhu-confidential-front-cover_350Face Madness and Corruption… Alone!

Langston Wright is an African-American war veteran and scholar in WW2-era Washington, DC. Vivian Sinclair is The New York Herald’s most determined scoop-hound in 1930s NYC. And Dex Raymond is a hard-boiled private detective with a nose for trouble in 1930s Los Angeles.

Each is a lone investigator, equipped with smarts, fists, and just maybe a code of honor, uncovering their town’s secret truths. But what happens when you scratch the veneer of human malfeasance to reveal an eternal evil—the malign, cosmic indifference of HP Lovecraft’s Cthulhu Mythos?

You get Cthulhu Confidential™.

You get GUMSHOE One-2-One™.

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One Game Master, One Player

GUMSHOE One-2-One retunes, rebuilds and reenvisions the acclaimed GUMSHOE investigative rules set, as seen in such hit roleplaying games as Trail of Cthulhu and Night’s Black Agents, for one player and one GM.
Together you create a story that evokes the classic solo protagonist mystery format.

  • Can’t find an entire game group who can play when you can?
  • Want an intense head-to-head gaming experience?
  • Looking for a game to play online which fits superbly with virtual tabletops?

Cthulhu Confidential includes all the rules you need to play GUMSHOE One-2-One, plus a detailed approach to building your own mysteries.

Horror Goes Hardboiled

Cthulhu ConfidentialTM drops your hero into the noir nightscape of hardboiled-era Los Angeles, New York or Washington DC. Meet powerbrokers and politicians, rub shoulders with Hollywood studio bosses and fiery evangelists. Face narrow-eyed G-Men, bent cops and dangerous crime lords. But beneath it all, under the scrim of all this human endeavour, lives corruption so old and inhuman you’ll need all your courage and resourcefulness to face it.

Cthulhu Confidential features three protagonists each in their own setting, with three fully-featured adventure, which serve as a complete model for further mysteries of your creation.

The Fathomless Sleep

How did fast-living society girl Helen Deakin come down with a case of catatonia? Her sultry sister pays you to find out. As Dex Raymond, you’ll explore a web of blackmail, dirty money, and weird mysticism in the city of fallen angels.


Fatal Frequencies

In the offices of the New York Herald, Sadie Cane seeks reporter Vivian Sinclair‘s help. Sadie’s fiancé, George Preston, disappeared three days after a murder in his apartment block. Can Viv uncover the truth about George, and will Sadie like what she finds?


Capitol Colour

Lynette Miller was a riveter. A few weeks ago, she got a new job: hush-hush, and highly paid. She’s a clever and resourceful young woman, and now she’s missing, and her father is heartbroken. Can Langston Wright unweave a web of deceit, face down racist cops, and uncover the deeper conspiracy which endangers the war effort?





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Stock #: PELGOC01 Authors: Robin D. Laws, Chris Spivey, Ruth Tillman
Artists: Stephanie Brown, Jérôme Huguenin, Christian Knutsson, Anthony Moravian, Leonard O’Grady Pages: 328 pages, casebound book






Already got your book, and have a question about page 8? Check out this post.

47 Responses to “Cthulhu Confidential”

  1. Phil Francis says:

    I had a text from my wife on the 3rd September asking me to buy her this very product. So how soon can we expect a kickstarter / pre-order?

    I’m certainly looking forward to being able to play this (especially as I’m confident that my wife’s mind is devious enough to set some very challenging mysteries!

    • Cat Tobin says:

      Hey Phil,

      We’ve hit some production issues with it, but we’re hoping this will be available by October 2016.

      • Johan says:

        Looking forward to this! It’s now November 2016. Any news on the progress of this project?

        • Cat Tobin says:

          Hey Johan, this is currently in layout – we’re hoping to release a special Dragonmeet edition of this at Dragonmeet in early December, and it will be available to pre-order in time for Christmas.

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  3. Zack says:

    This is right up my alley. I’m a huge fan of playing Gumshoe one-on-one already, and a whole book on the subject sounds incredibly promising. Please do keep us informed.

  4. Erik O says:

    Hello. I wrote a mail about a month ago expressing interest in playtesting this but I havn’t heard anything yet… So, I was just wondering how things are going?

    / Erik

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  6. Is this a twist on Toy Gumshoe? I’m interested in both but I’ve not read hide nor tail of Toy Gumshoe since Simon’s initial write-up.

    Please Cat, Simon or Robin comment, why no Toy Gumshoe info?

  7. John Potts says:

    I’m anxiously awaiting the next phase in playtesting. My wife and I really enjoyed the first one. I realized that the thing I would really want added to the rulebook are rules for converting regular GUMSHOE adventures to One-2-One adventures. This would allow me to finally put a lot of adventures to use that I haven’t had a chance to play yet.

  8. Noel says:

    I’m looking forward to the play by mail possibilities!

  9. rogue_lettuce says:

    Hey, I’d really like to get in on the playtesting of this if that’s still a possibility? I’m not sure how we’re supposed to go about applying for such things… Thanks!

  10. Jim Pyre says:

    This looks awesome. I can’t want to see it. Still hoping it will be out in 2016.
    Take my money!! 😊

  11. chris says:

    Is there an ETA for the PDF only version?

  12. Andrea Coletta says:

    The PDF seems great. Looking forward to receive the physical copy.
    Can I use my “Cop Talking” or “Bureaucracy” Investigative Ability to gain a clue about the location of the shorter One-2-One scenario, “The Red Mist.” (cfr. Pag. 5 of the Core Manual)?

    • Cat Tobin says:

      Hey Andrea, a 1-point Bureaucracy spend reminds you that the few days after we release See Page XX are always a little hectic, but we usually have everything sorted by a week later, so check the One-2-One Resources page on December 14th to get “The Red Mist”.

  13. David Creuze says:

    I’m loving the book, but seems like there are some bugs in it, like letters disappearing. I’m not sure if it’s the book itself or my system though, as I’m using linux. Could it be a font problem?

  14. David Creuze says:

    All good now, thanks!

  15. Rebecca says:

    I pre-ordered at Cool Stuff Inc. Any update on when the physical books will be sent out?

  16. Arnaud says:

    Still nous news on a release date for the printed version?
    It’s been postponed so many times I’m getting nervous :)

    • Cat Tobin says:

      Sorry about the delay! We’re hoping to finalise the (very revised!) version this week, close the pre-order in mid-March and have it in stores in mid-April.

  17. Andrew says:

    Also interested in when the physical book will be available. Weren’t some sold at Dragonmeet?

    • Cat Tobin says:

      We did have some at Dragonmeet, which were very early preview copies. The finished book will have a new additional chapter, as well as a number of copyediting fixes.

      • Scott says:

        Assume the PDF gets updated – is one usually notified by email when that happens?

        • Cat Tobin says:

          The updated PDF will be added to everyone’s bookshelf, and we’ll send out an email to all pre-orderers to notify them of the new version.

  18. Kevin McD says:

    Any news on the ship date for the physical book?

  19. Joonas I says:

    So, physical book around mid-April and Simon says that PDF only would be around month after that. So that would be in May? This is so long time to wait…

  20. Seokwan Chung says:

    Seems like mid-April is getting to late-April! Any news on shipping of physical books, please? Reading PDF is not my taste – I was scratching my pad’s screen!

    • Alex Roberts says:

      Yes, there’s nothing like the printed word! Copies will ship from our warehouses before the end of April.

      • David Creuze says:

        What about the PDF by the way ? Has it been updated ?

        Can’t wait to have the book in my hands !

      • Andrew Craker says:

        Hi Alex,

        Any idea when we can expect to see it arrive in Australia ?

        Cheers, Drew

        • Alex Roberts says:

          Hi Andrew,

          Shipments to Australia can take up to two months to arrive. So, it could be as late as early July. Please let us know if it takes longer than that!


  21. Diane Donaldson says:

    I got my printed copy a couple days back and I love it! Great product, as usual!

    In case you’re collecting errata, the text on page 8 of the printed edition is missing. It is in the PDF, however.


    • Alex Roberts says:

      Hi Diane,

      Glad you’re enjoying it! And yes, unfortunately, we caught that error only after the books had gone to print. The PDF has been corrected.


      [[Edited to remove misleading content]]