Mutant City Blues 2nd Edition

Ever since the Sudden Mutation Event, people have been able to fly. Phase through walls. Read minds. Shoot bolts of energy from their fingertips. Walk into dreams.

As members of the elite Heightened Crime Investigation Unit, you and your fellow detectives solve crimes involving the city’s mutant community. When a mutant power is used to kill, you catch the case. When it’s a mutant victim in the chalk outline, you get the call. And when it comes time for a fight, you deploy your own extraordinary abilities to even the odds.

With new human capacity has come new science. Your squad brings forensic science to bear on the solution of mutant crimes. Need to know if a suspect is the victim of mind control or dream observation? Perform an EMAT protocol to detect the telltale signs of external influence. Was your victim killed by a light blast? Use Energy Residue Analysis to match the unique wound pattern to the murderer, as surely as ballistic science links a bullet to a gun.

Does your crime scene yield trace evidence of two separate powers? Use your trusty copy of the Quade Diagram, the infallible map of genetic relationships between mutant powers, to tell if one suspect could have used both – or if you have two perps on your hands.

If chases, interrogations and mutant battles weren’t enough to handle, you also serve as a bridge between the authorities and your mutant brethren. To successfully close cases, you must navigate the difficult new politics of post-mutation society, and deal with your own personal issues and mutation-caused defects.

Police work will never be the same.

Upgraded In 2nd Edition!

    • Push rules make GUMSHOE investigation even faster and more flexible
    • New modes of play help GMs tailor the game to their players
    • Personal crisis rules bring the stress of the job into play
    • Character templates to help players build their officers
    • Expanded chase rules for superpowered action
    • Rules for superpowered private investigators
    • A thrilling new scenario, Blue on Blue, delves into buried secrets of Mutant City and the early days of the Sudden Mutation Event


Stock #: PELGM201 Authors: Robin D. Laws, Gareth Ryder-Hanrahan
Artists: Gene Ha, Tangmo Cecchini, Mary Corbalis, Douglas P. Lobo, Miguel Santos, Lily Serrentino, Phil Stone, Jessica Trevino, Karolina Węgrzyn Pages: 216 pages, case bound, B&W

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34 Responses to “Mutant City Blues 2nd Edition”

  1. from says:

    Yes, yes? Will this get some updates from later Gumshoe games, e.g. conspiracy thriller support from NBA? Will there be support for different play styles, maybe something pulpier? Will there be some more “love” for this line, with more material published?

    Would it at all be possible with a deluxe-supreme solander box with different-sized game master (big, thick, hardcover) and player (smaller, thinner, softcover-yet-still-sewn) books in one delicious package?


    P.S. Just started a campaign with the Ashen Stars system, albeit not setting, for a cyberpunk/transhumanist campaign. s/Vas Mal/AI (in Cyberspace only)

  2. Spence says:

    Any loose timeline on this?

  3. James Walker (worldsaverinc on says:

    I am interested in Mutant City Blues. I do understand the concept and I am intrigued. I missed my chance to get in print. I look forward to the second edition. Since you are adding private investigator to the ideas and rule set, can that be used to play Batman or Planetary?

    Could this be used for other types of investigation rather than crime scenes? Like Secret Histories perhaps? Stuff long forgotten and scattered?

    • Gareth Ryder-Hanrahan says:

      It’s still primarily a game about super-powered criminal investigation; you could certainly adapt the rules to a different campaign framework, but there isn’t much support in the book for other modes of play. I’ll explore some other options in Page XX when the game’s released.

  4. Hans Zieger says:

    It would be nice to have a section in this for a One-2-One adaptation. Would be nice to have this as an option for the lone wolf cop or a private detective.

  5. Brian Moore says:

    Good day, Pelgrane Press:

    I’m looking for an update on Mutant City Blues, 2nd Ed. I keep seeing references to the new edition in the newsletter, and I see from the comments thread that there was an April 2019 projection for release, but that’s come and gone. I understand that April was a projection, but I was expecting more updates to come. PP has been pretty quiet on this front. Any news you can share?

    Thank you for your time. I hope work at PP is going well.

    • Mika Talley says:

      Hello! MCB2e is currently in layout right now and should be sent off for printing soon. We’re expecting it to be ready for shipping in late summer. We’ll definitely announce when this happens. I hope this helps!

  6. Tevel Drinkwater says:

    The latest “See Page XX” says that the 2nd edition is available for pre-order! So excited to bring back my “HCIU: Vancouver” campaign, hopefully with all the latest Gumshoe tech!

    Two questions.

    1) Can we pre-order through our FLGS, or only through the Pelgrane site?

    2) Does Pelgrane offer PDFs to customers who buy their physical books from their FLGS, such as the “Bits & Mortar” initiative?
    2a) I don’t see how it would work, but would pre-ordering through your FLGS also get you the pre-layout preview PDF?

    • Cat Tobin says:

      Hey Tevel, we’re excited to be bringing it back! Your FLGS may offer pre-orders – it’s worth checking with them directly to find out whether they do. The pre-layout PDF is available to retailers through the Bits and Mortar initiative, so if your FLGS participates, they can offer pre-orders and give you the pre-layout PDF, too.

  7. Hans Zieger says:

    I pre-ordered MCB2 and have the pre-layout draft. Is there a copy of the 2E Quade Diagram available? Also, any updates on when this edition will drop?

  8. Keaton says:

    I imagine we’re all sounding like broken records now, but may we please get an update? Will we be seeing it in time for the holidays or should I shelve my campaign ideas until the next superbowl?

    • Becky Smith says:

      Hi Keaton. This is close to ready to send over to the printers, but it will take a few weeks to be printed, get to our shippers and be shipped to customers, so this might not make its way to you in time for the holidays. Thanks, Becky.

      • Keaton says:

        Thank you so much for the update. I do have one more question for you though. Will we get updated pdfs before the book gets printed or will we get an updated pdf once the book ships?

  9. Hans Zieger says:

    So is there any chance of the PDF version being released before the end of the year?

    • Becky Smith says:

      Hi Hans. We’re hoping this will be ready before Christmas. Thanks, Becky.

    • Cat Tobin says:

      Hey Hans, just for clarification – we’ll be releasing the final PDF to pre-orderers before the end of the year, but the PDF-only version won’t be released until three months after the print book is released, so that’ll be March/April 2020.



      • Keaton Kumar says:

        Hello Mr. Tobin. The end of the year came and went and I tried looking to see if the pdf was updated and it was not. What’s the timeline looking like now?

        • Cat Tobin says:

          When addressing people whose pronouns you don’t know, I recommend not using gendered forms of address, as this can cause offense if you make incorrect assumptions. (For the record, I use she/her pronouns).

          We’ll be updating the MCB2e PDF as part of this month’s See Page XX; this is currently on hold pending the activation of our Ashen Stars Community Content program on DriveThruRPG. In the event this hasn’t been activated by this Friday, January 10th, it will go live then, along with the final PDF.

          • Keaton Kumar says:

            I apologize Cat. I hope I did not upset you in any way. Thank you for that information.

      • Tim Osburn says:

        So does that imply that the print book will be released either this month or the next?

        • Becky Smith says:

          Hi Tim. The book is now with the printers. Chinese New Year will impact the delivery date, but we’re hoping the books will be with us by April. Thanks, Becky.

          • Tim Osburn says:

            Any updates on this?

          • Becky Smith says:

            Hi Tim. We’re waiting for this to make it’s way to our shippers from the printers, but anybody who has pre-ordered should receive their copy in June. Thanks, Becky.

  10. Taliesin Hoyle says:

    The Quade diagram and character sheet in second edition are both changed from first edition. As the father of a son with Aspergers, I am heartened to see that autism has been replaced with sensory overload.

    That said, the link above is to the post about the Quade diagram from 2010.

    Could we please have an updated, printable diagram and character sheet?

    • Becky Smith says:

      Hi Taliesin. You can download the 2nd edition Quade Diagram and character sheet from the Mutant City Blues Resources page here. Thanks, Becky.

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