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The Persephone Extraction

Five desperate adventures to save the living from the hungry dead!

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They are so old they cannot remember their names. They are pale, spindly things, with long fingers that scuttle like cave-spiders and hollow eyes. They are strong – immensely, inhumanly strong – but act like old, arthritic men, shuffling along painfully, conserving their strength for when they need it. They are fast – terrifying, breathtakingly fast – but they move slowly, cautiously, fearfully. Their fear outweighs their preternatural gifts; for centuries, survival and control have been their watchwords, their overriding goals. We must not die, they whisper in the dark, even though they can no longer recall what it is to live.

And if the world must die so they can live, so be it.

The Persephone Extraction is a campaign for Night’s Black Agents, combining ancient horrors from classical mythology with the modern terrors of conspiracy and bioterrorism. It includes the following adventures:

  • THE PERSEPHONE EXTRACTION (Emma Marlow): Someone’s framed the Agents for a murder that hasn’t happened – yet. Warring factions within the Conspiracy struggle for control of a biological weapon, and its designer holds the answers the Agents need. Can they find Morgane Le Corre before her pursuers track her down – and just who else is hunting her?
  • THE PALE AGENDA (Bill White): The Conspiracy intends to recruit an international drug smuggler as part of their plan to end the world – but that initiation gives the Agents a vitally needed entry vector into the vampires’ most cherished tool. Corporate intrigue meets occult rituals in Barcelona…
  • SLEEPING GIANTS (Will Plant): The trail leads through Moscow to a sealed city, where forbidden plagues slumber in a concrete tomb buried deep beneath the tundra. The Conspiracy are on their way here, to obtain more of the pathogen they need to implement their cryptic Pale Agenda. The Agents are all that stands between the vampires and the plague…
  • CLEAN-HEELED ACHILLES (Heather Albano): Mysterious disappearances and archaeological traces bring the Agents to Istanbul, where they must uncover the secrets of an ancient monastery – and descend into the Underworld to confront the living dead.
  • THE PEOPLE OF ASH (Gareth Ryder-Hanrahan): The final assault on the Conspiracy takes the Agents to Greece. There, they must uncover the ancient lair of the vampire elders and destroy them, once and for all time. Their clandestine odyssey ends in darkness…
Stock #: PELGN14 Author: Gareth Ryder-Hanrahan, Heather Albano, Emma Marlow, Will Plant, Bill White

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13 Responses to “The Persephone Extraction”

  1. David Scott says:

    Looks good – When’s it due, how big (pages) and rough price?

  2. Phil Tweddle says:

    Any news on the potential for the release date for the ‘Persephone Extraction’ in PDF?


  3. John Potts says:

    Is the Persephone Extraction a hardcover or softcover?

  4. Michael P says:

    Does the preorder come with early access to the PDF? Also, when is the expected release? Late 2017 (in time for Xmas)?

    • Alex Roberts says:

      You’ll have access to the current draft of the rules text, which has not yet been laid out and illustrated. We expect the final print and PDF to release late 2017, though we can’t make any Christmas-related guarantees!

  5. Michael P says:

    Any updates on when this will be released or an updated PDF will be available for those who preordered? Thanks!

    • Colleen Riley says:

      We’re working on edits and the earliest you’d see anything is the end of February but that is a very rough estimate. Further info will be available in See Page XX.

  6. Phil Tweddle says:

    How close are we looking at the Final PDF version or this book seeing print? Really excited for this addition to the NBA line. (Hopefully with Gareth’s DM screen not far behind)

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