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Regular readers may notice something different around here – specifically, over there ——->

Yes, it’s an ENnies winner sticker! After many years of nominations, See Page XX has finally been recognised by the ENcademy as a good website. Huzzah! Of course, this was slightly lost in the flood of Pelgrane- and Pelgrane-adjacent wins at the 2016 ENnies – in case you missed it, Simon has more on this in his article, below.

This month sees a bumper double issue of See Page XX, crammed full of articles and the usual post-Gen Con flood of new releases, like the first new GUMSHOE corebook of our tenth anniversary year, Fear Itself 2nd Edition, and The Esoterrorists globe-spanning Worldbreaker campaign. For one month only (or while stocks last), we’ve also got some of the metal 13th Age Icon Tokens from our friends at Campaign Coins. The newly-released Dracula Dossier Thriller bundle gets an outing in PDF, and there are two editions of 13th Age Monthly available now – July’s Shades of Fey, and August’s Alarums & Incursions: Downtime for Six Icons.

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24 Responses to “See Page XX – July/August 2016”

  1. John P. says:

    Father Brown

  2. Chris R says:


  3. Phil R. says:

    Eva Thornblad

  4. plarsen says:

    Arsène Lupin

  5. Reinier says:

    Many great ideas above, but how about:
    -Sandan Glockta

  6. Nathaniel says:

    Harry Paget Flashman VC.

  7. Goonshoow says:

    You’re killing me. I want more than one choice.
    Here’s my list, descending: Poirot, Vimes, Ms Marple, Holmes, Lockhart

  8. Britt says:

    All of them! And Thomas Carnacki, the Ghost Finder, because you never know whether the ghost is real or not.

  9. Darren Miguez says:

    Though I answered Smiley, it occurs to me that Father Cadfael would also be cool.

  10. Li says:

    Veronica Mars (or Jessica Jones).

  11. Judd M. Goswick says:

    Nero Wolfe/Archie Goodwin. I would guess Archie is the PC and Nero is a resource.

  12. Henrik Arborén says:

    Jackson Elias!

  13. Richard Lock says:

    Voted Sarah Lund but will settle for Kurt Wallender as well.

  14. Rebecca says:

    Veronica Mars

  15. didi says:

    Sean from Psych

  16. Duane Woolley says:

    Jack Reacher

  17. Graeme says:

    Miss Lemon!

  18. Fredrix says:

    Inspector Shen

  19. Mark says:

    Columbo. The correct choice is Columbo, right?

  20. Bryan says:

    DCI John Luther

  21. Nevil Kingston-Brown says:

    Pryne Fisher (Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries)

  22. Lothar Tuppan says:

    Carnacki or Silver John… although I prefer original characters and not pre-mades of any type.

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