13th Age Icon Tokens

Icampaigncoins_400n the 13th Age, the 13 icons are an integral part of the your story. You might have a conflicted relationship with Lich King, follow of the Elf Queen, or swear undying enmity against the Orc Lord.

These gorgeous metal tokens, created by Campaign Coins, help players to remember to use their icon relationships in every game.

Each token has transparent green enamel on one side, and red on the other. Keep the green side up if you roll a 6 for your icon relationship roll, and the red side up if you roll a 5.

The tokens really work! When you use the tokens in your campaign, the players will come up with new and cool suggestions for their icon relationships, rather than waiting for the GM to do so. It makes a great RPG even better.

This article offers suggestions on how you might use your icon tokens in-game.



Price: $24.95

Stock #:CAMP01 Creator: Drew Morrow
Artist: Lee Moyer Format: 13 enameled metal tokens

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6 Responses to “13th Age Icon Tokens”

  1. Mark Lehman says:

    Wondering if you also carry the 13th Age Dicebag I have seen as well as the 12 sided Icon die? I really want to get 3 complete sets of these for me and my best friends. We LOVE 13th Age!. =)

  2. Cassandra Canada says:

    How do I purchase these? They don’t seem to be on the store’s available merchandise page anymore and clicking on the “buy now” button doesn’t seem to do anything.

  3. Sarah says:

    Any chance these will be back in stock soon?

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