Shades of Fey

Front cover_350The fey are non-elven creatures, shadowy travelers with ambiguous magic: pixies, sprites, spectral hounds, and more. Their goals are obscure, their abilities mysterious, their forms deceptive.

Shades of Fey brings these strange beings to your 13th Age campaign, with:

  • 10 icon-themed variants, from magic made flesh to shapeshifting brigands
  • 8 fey monsters, including sprites, spriggans, river-women and more—some with different abilities depending on what names they use (for example, the river-woman can be a siren, rusalka, or banshee)
  • A new faun PC race, with a nasty head-butt racial power

Shades of Fey is the seventh installment of the second 13th Age Monthly subscription. When you subscribe to 13th Age Monthly, you will get all issues of the subscription to date.

Stock #: PEL13AM21D Author: Steven Warzeha, Rob Heinsoo
Artist: Rich Longmore Type: 11-page PDF

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