Work in Progress: The 13th Age GM’s Screen Art Rough

[Update: it will definitely be potrait. Find out why here.]

The original team of Lee Moyer and Aaron McConnel are creating the artwork for the 13th Age GM’s Screen.

I believe you need a dragon on an f20 screen, and we don’t want to do things by halves, or even thirds, so our screen features the tripart Icon – The Three. Why they’ve come together from the black marshes (the Black), the outskirts of the Empire (the Red) and Drakenhall (the Blue), who knows, but it can’t be good -perhaps freeing the Green from the guardianship of the Elf Queen?

I love the light and depth in the image of the The Three with their sorcerers in the foreground, and what this promises for the final image. Click on the image to see its full glory.



6 Responses to “Work in Progress: The 13th Age GM’s Screen Art Rough”

  1. Jefferson Dunlap says:

    LOVE IT! Can’t wait to get it

  2. J A G says:

    Super über nice!!!

  3. Daniel says:

    The art concept looks very promising! But I sincerely hope the screen will come in a landscape format as it has become common in the last decade. Ymmv, but in my view the regular format was abandoned because it’s like a wall between GM and players.

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