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We are converting Esoterrorists into epub and mobi format for use with ebook readers. If it proves popular, we’ll release all our books in this format. Please help us out by letting us know which ebook reader you use.

By the end of the year, what ebook reader are you likely to be using?

I don’t use a mobile reader –
I’m sticking to paper


iPhone or iPod


Android Powered



Other – do tell free

6 Responses to “Your eReader”

  1. Gavin Steele says:

    I use a combination of PDF and Mobipocket on Windows Mobile 6.5. While PDF books display very well, that’s only because the HD2 has about the largest screen available in a phone and PDF books scaled to a smaller screen size would be a welcome sight. I accept, however, that this is a very niche market. A graphics light PDF that works well with the Reflow option is probably just as good.

  2. Robert says:

    My answer is iPad and iPhone. Although, for RPG books, I tend to use the iPad more often. Also, the Kindle app and GoodReader get more use than iBooks, but that has more to do with what format books are available in. While I tolerate copy-protection for some books, I don’t think I have any copy-protected RPG e-books.

    All that said, I picked “iPad” as my guess at my best answer.

  3. John H says:

    My answer is iPad and Android phone, although to be honest I’d much rather read books on the iPad. I also use Kindle on the iPad.

  4. Declan Feeney says:

    I tend to use my iPad for game pdfs and my kindle for books. I will also occassionally use my iPhone.

    To be honest anything with graphics, tables or images is much easier to read on the iPad than the iPhone and the kindle is only good for text.

    My preference is definately for the iPad.

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  6. Mikael Ogren says:

    PDFs are for printing and reading on paper, ebooks are for ereading…

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