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Here is an in-depth review of Trail of Cthulhu by Michael Harnish. Mr Harnish understands why GUMSHOE is not “railroady”, too.

By now it should be evident that I really love Trail of Cthulhu. I think it manages to capture the feel and style of HPL’s stories, particularly when played in Purist mode, with rules built to complement the stories. GUMSHOE is a perfect fit for investigative type adventures, and well-suited for a plotted out set of scenes. It also is simple enough to be run in a more “off-the-cuff” improvisational style and doesn’t require a great deal of prep on the part of the Keeper, an important consideration for those of use with other daily commitments.

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  1. John Taber says:

    Hi Simon: I agree…this is a GREAT review. I am going to start a TOC campaign when I finish my current one (aka Fantasy Hero). I pointed my players to this article. ;)
    John T>

  2. Johan Hellfalk says:

    Great review, with which I agree to a large extent. There’s only one section that confuses me:
    “… Combat itself is very simple and streamlined, opting to emphasize narration and story rather than “tactical” decisions but there is enough crunch to keep things interesting…”
    What ‘crunch’ is referred to here? In my opinion the combat rules are more or less 100% crunch-free.
    / Johan

    • Simon Rogers says:

      Well, there is range, armour, cover, non-lethal damage, rate of fire, and weapons choices. Other than that, it’s pretty light. Use the Esoterror Factbook for more combat options.

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