Trail of Cthulhu Resources page updates

book_readerTony Williams has very kindly designed some great Pulp and Purist character sheets for the Trail of Cthulhu Resources page.  He’s also produced a neat Condensed version of the Trail of Cthulhu rules. Here are the links to the new documents:

  • Pulp character sheet (A4) – Download
  • Pulp character sheet (US letter) – Download
  • Purist character sheet (A4) – Download
  • Purist character sheet (US letter) – Download
  • Keeper’s Investigator Ability Matrix (A4) – Download
  • Keeper’s Investigator Ability Matrix (US letter) – Download
  • Trail of Cthulhu Condensed Rules – Download

Thanks for all your hard work on refining these, Tony!

8 Responses to “Trail of Cthulhu Resources page updates”

  1. Hugo says:

    Condensed rules link is wrong.
    Great resources, thanks!

  2. Franck says:

    Great work! I believe the Trail of Cthulhu Condensed Rules link is pointing to the wrong pdf. It goes to a character ToC Character Sheet.


  3. Xavier says:

    The condensed rules link goes to the pulp character sheet.

  4. Corwyn says:

    The Trail of Cthulhu Condensed Rules link points to the Pulp character sheet (A4) PDF.

  5. keegan fink says:

    The “Condensed Rules” just links back to the Pulp Character Sheet (A4) instead of the actual rules PDF.

  6. Tony Williams says:

    Hello to all – Tony ( the author of all the above resources ) here.

    The character sheet download links are out of date too. They have been upddated a little bit since these ones.

    Please wait until the end of today and hopefully Cat will have corrected everything and you should redownload the character sheets as well as the Condensed Rules.

  7. Tony Williams says:

    Tony again – The condensed rules PDF download link is now working but it is an outdated version of the PDF!

    Please wait until a note appears here saying the download links are correct.

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