TimeWatch Kickstarter Late Pledges And Upgrades

The TimeWatch RPG  is backed – more than backed! Thank you to everyone who pledged, encouraged others to back and upgrade their pledges – everyone has benefitted with a full colour hardback.

You can see the list of available pledge levels and add-ons here.

Until 1st April, new backers can still pledge at any available level, and get add-ons via paypal. Email us and Paypal funds to simon@dyingearth.com.

Until further notice existing backers can add add-ons and  increase their pledges via paypal. Email us and Paypal funds to simon@dyingearth.com.

4 Responses to “TimeWatch Kickstarter Late Pledges And Upgrades”

  1. Jonathan M. Thompson (Battlefield Press, Inc) says:

    I would like to upgrade the supplements to print copies.

    Payment will be made right after this email.

  2. Scott Blair says:


    If I pledge $55 to the kickstarter campaign now via paypal, would I be able to get the PDF of the test rules?

    I’m a bit unclear as well about what the delivery date for Timewatch is.

    • Kevin Kulp says:

      Hi – sorry for the delay! You can email me directly at timewatchrpg at gmail.

      First, absolutely. Heck, email me and I’ll send you out the Jurassic Edition test rules for free. It also comes with any pledge.

      Our original plan for delivery was December 2014. Full color has pushed that back to Q1 2015. I’m confident we’ll hit that. Pledgers will get a PDF prior to that date with full game rules in it, but not all the art.

      – Kevin

  3. Richard says:

    Hey, I just heard about this game from the One Shot Podcast. Any further news on the development? All the updates on the Kickstarter are backer only, so I can’t read them.

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