The Yellow King Roleplaying Game Errata

Errors spotted after the books went to press are listed below. We periodically update PDFs to correct errors, so be sure you update your electronic copies to the latest current version. If you spot a possible error in the text, please alert us at


p. 14/15: certain of the Kits are built on 33 points, not the canonical 32. Although we’ll be fixing this in later printings, we suggest that you ignore this minor discrepancy.

p. 21: Intuition is a technical ability.

p. 53: example bridging columns 1 and 2 should read as follows:

Carrie, Tsing and Saif have margins higher than 0, so you invite them to narrate. Carrie has the same margin but a higher spend, so she goes last. Tsing and Saif both have the same spend and margin, so precede her in seating order.

I grab the bouncing die and put it safely in my pocket!” Tsing cries.

I complete the remaining thrashings,” Saif narrates.

And I get in a few kicks as I guide the rest of my friends to a safe helter-skelter dash through Montparnasse!” adds Carrie.

p. 60: minor injuries occur a failure with a margin of 1, not on 0 or 1

p. 64: a margin of 0 is a success, not a failure

p. 67: Shock cards for “You Enter an Eerie or Haunted Place” are Bad Place (Minor) and Awful Place (Major)

p.68/69: Final entries in this chart erroneously list Athletics as the ability tested. These are all Composure tests.

p. 148 / 156: Injury cards for Gendarmes are inconsistent between the table on 148 and description on 156. Either set of cards works, but since Blow to the Head/Ringing Cranium aren’t used elsewhere you may prefer them.

p.150: Fledgling and Legendary Vampires have their Minor and Major Injuries mixed up in the table. Fledgling has the Injuries for Legendary and vice versa.

Difficulty for Operatives should be Escape 2, Other 4, Kill 6

for Patchwork, should be Escape, 3, Other 6, Kill 7

p. 163: Injury cards for the Rakes fell out of the manuscript at some point. They are:



-1 to all tests (except Preparedness). After any failed, salient test, roll a die. Even: discard.

Rapier Wound


-1 to all tests (except Preparedness). After one interval, as recipient of a Difficulty 5 First Aid success, trade for “Thrashed.”


p 165 – the Difficulty for resisting the Legendary Vampire’s commands are reversed. Forcing someone to harm themselves should be a difficulty 4 and while basic commands should be almost impossible to ignore at 8.

p.170 – last para, The Set Painter is an alternate scene, not core. 

p.172 – The Poster Illustrator, 3rd para and also 3rd bullet, all the scenes referred to are core and not alternate. 

p.173 – 3rd and 4th paras, these scenes are core and not alternate. 

The Impresario and the Manager, Lead-outs should include The Librettist. 

p.178 – The Young Lover, shown as an alternate scene here, but as a core scene in the diagram on p.169. 

p.179 – Chateau de Roudier, add Celeste to the lead-outs. 

p.180 – Celeste, add The Crawlways to lead-outs. 

p.181 – The Crawlways, 2nd para, The Lake is a core scene

p. 233, point 8. a. ii. B. should read “Refresh a general ability other than Athletics, Fighting, or Health”

The Wars

p. 9: Reference to a Shepherd kit, should refer to the Conscience kit

p. 10: certain of the Kits are built on a few fewer points than they should have. We’ll be fixing this in future editions but suggest you ignore the discrepancy.

p. 18: should include the following new investigative ability

Accounting (Academic) 

You understand bookkeeping and accountancy procedures; you can read and keep financial records. 

You can:

  • tell legitimate businesses from criminal enterprises
  • reconstruct financial histories from old records 
  • spot the telltale signs of embezzlement, bribes, blackmail, or dummy companies
  • reel off the latest rumors from the world of business, finance and industry track payments to their source

p. 24: Disregard the paragraph beginning with “On the other hand”

p. 66: Injury cards for Whatsisname should be Cortisol Spike / Bullet Wound

p. 72: Toll for “Peasant Who Seems Lovely” should be 1.

p. 73: the second “Success, margin of 1 or less” should read “Success, margin of 2 or greater”

p. 75: for all types, Adjust to Other Sequences entry Escape=2 is redundant

p.106 – Dragonflies Down, pink box, Lead-out should be The Mission, not The Assignment. 

p.114, 2nd col, 4th bullet, The Uniforms is an alternate scene, not core. 

p.118, Worried Mother, pink box, add Madame Mareuil to the lead-outs.


p. 13: New Investigative abilities should include:

Bullshit Detector (Interpersonal)

Assess Honesty, renamed for a less genteel era.

Psychology (Academic)

Training in the science of human behavior allows you to reilably infer subjects’ emotional state, personality traits, past history and (if applicable) disorders after interacting with them, observing their behavior. You can glean similar information about unknown persons by analyzing evidence of their activities, ranging from the way they arrange their work spaces to the clues they leave behind at crime scenes.

Science (Academic)

You maintain a broad knowledge of any theoretical scientific field not covered by its own ability in the present sequence. Examples include astronomy, biology, chemistry, engineering, genetics, paleontology, materials science, and physics.

Trivia (Academic)

You have stuffed your memory full of apparently inconsequential but sometimes pivotal facts that would stand you in good stead as a contestant on a quiz show. Your mental information warehouse includes fine details on:

  • celebrities and entertainment
  • sports records and statistics
  • geography
  • games and hobbies
  • fads and trends
  • names in the news

Trivia can also substitute for any other Academic ability held by another character who isn’t currently present, in which case you remember the factoid without the deep understanding that might go with it.

p.62 – Loyalty Chip, “Major/Minor Injuries” should be “Major/Minor Shocks”

p. 78: Cancer Bag’s Major Injury should be Precancerous; Shades’s Difficulty should be Escape 2, Other 4, Kill 5; Shatterling’s should be Escape 2, Other 5, Kill 6

p.89 – Shade’s Injuries are actually Shocks

p.99 – diagram, Hank’s Place should have a lead-out of Hank’s Old Crew and not The Sidetrack. 

p.99 – diagram, Gevaudan Industries should have lead-outs of Hank’s Old Crew and The Confession, and not The Sidetrack. 

p.99 – diagram, Hank’s Old Crew should have a lead-out of The Sidetrack. 

p.99 – diagram, The Sidetrack should have a lead-in from The Confession. 

p.103 – Hank’s Toughest Rival, yellow box, add Hank’s Aide to the lead-ins. 

p.111 – 2nd col, first dashed point, “Frenet gave this up his enquiry” -> “Frenet gave up his enquiry”. 

p.113 – Hank’s Old Crew, black box, remove Hank’s Place and Gevaudan Industries from lead-outs.

This is Normal Now

p. 81 – Aldebaran is 65 light years away.

p. 96 – “Another might deal a -1 or a -2.” should read: “Another might deal a -1 in both cases, but with a tougher discard condition for the major card.”

 p.103 – Scene diagram, Dave’s Books and Dave’s Not Here should be lead-outs from The Lecture, not from TED For Weirdos.

 p.104 – The Lecture, blue box, add Dave’s Books and Dave’s Not Here to the lead-outs.

p. 105 – “TED For Weirdos” is an alternate scene, not a core scene.

p. 113 – Sense Trouble test at end of column one has a Difficulty of 4

p.113– Talking To Kim, black box, remove The Library as a lead-out.

 p.115 – Searching For Kim, yellow box, remove Talking To Kim as a lead-out.

p.119 – The Cottage, blue box, add Talking to Kim and Searching for Kim to the lead-ins, and remove Dave’s Not Here from the lead-outs.

p. 165 – In point 4, “+1 to +3 for situational modifiers if disadvantaged” should read “+1 or +2 for situational modifiers if disadvantaged.”

p.168 – Intuition should be (I), not (T); Law should be (A), not (T).

Questions and Clarifications

In Paris p. 46, the difficulty for Weak foes for “Other” is higher than for Tough But Unmatched foes. Is this correct?

Yes. In this sequence weaker foes are a nuisance when you try to finesse them.

Do characters failing Support Actions (Paris p. 60) both pay the Toll and take an Injury? That seems extra nasty.

Yes. Support actions are meant to be risky.

In The Wars, is it intentional that Vastly Superior foes are easier to flee from than Superior ones?

Yes. You should run away from them and the rules support you in this.

In The Wars, should the Sleep Deprivation hazard be Health, not Battlefield?

Battlefield is intended, as seasoned soldiers learn to nap strategically, a talent they have in common with game designers.

Is the Gangrene card missing?

It’s on p. 144 of The Wars.

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  1. Christian "CJ" Romer says:

    Ah that is useful! The margin 0 as minor card bit confused me as it is contradicted elsewhere. The error is not just on Paris 60 though: it appears twice (once in bold) on Paris 64. Definitely one to look out for. The rules state elsewhere correctly a Margin of 0 is a success.

    Remarkably few errata for four books, well done! I am enjoying reading through the books

  2. JC says:

    In Paris page 165, the Difficulty for resisting the Legendary Vampire’s commands are reversed. Forcing someone to harm themselves should be a difficulty 4 and while basic commands should be almost impossible to ignore at 8.

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