The TimeWatch Kickstarter is live!

The TimeWatch Kickstarter has launched into the chronosphere and met its first funding goal. Join us in this time travel adventure!

4 Responses to “The TimeWatch Kickstarter is live!”

  1. Pierre Campan says:

    Did I really understand that TimeWatch shipping cost will be 30$ ? price of the book ! for a Final 60$ cost that sound a lot, because a “normal” book from Pelgrane is charged at 20% cost in order to be shipped in France. as far as I am used !
    bad news because I was really interessted by the book

    • Pierre Campan says:

      Finaly, as Dollar is low compare with euro it is not so much the total price. anyway I would prefere giving my money to the author rather than the air mail … that’s live :o)

    • Simon Rogers says:

      Hi Pierre,
      We don’t know what the final price of the book will be. But yes, you will probably get it cheaper by waiting. We subsidise mail order shipment. The Kickstarter charges what it actually costs.

      • Pierre Campan says:

        I was unable to refrain, I pledged … I am too much found of this sort of game, and I love the opportunity to give my little part :o)

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