The Seventh Circle

The Seventh Circle_cover_400l“Whereas the hand of God crafted this fine world, there are places, like that damned rock, that were not touched by His hand, but by those of another. Whatever it is that calls to those who walk its on shores, it waits in the darkness, within the rock, waiting to be let out. If you’re planning on going over there, may God protect you…”

You are the presenters and crew of a paranormal investigation television show. The show is building up to the end of its current season and has been presented with the opportunity to record an investigation on the remote Scottish island of Eilean Mòr. The island has a history of strange disappearances that stretches back over the last hundred years, but more recently a house was built there by a famous architect, Nathan Glaas, who went missing immediately after its completion. Even though no-one has entered the building in the last seven years, it is far from empty…

The Seventh Circle is a Fear Itself adventure for 4-6 players by Matthew Sanderson, author of The Love of Money. It is designed as a stand-alone adventure with pre-generated characters provided, but it can be tweaked to accommodate characters in a pre-existing group.

Stock #: PELG014 Author: Matthew Sanderson
Artist: David Lewis Johnson, Jethro Lentle, Martin Pikkaart Pages: 88 page perfect bound


5 Responses to “The Seventh Circle”

  1. Calibur1 says:

    I’m glad this is coming out, and I can’t wait to get it. I’m happy to see that Fear Itself hasn’t been forgotten. It is a great game, and one that I still run.

  2. MJ Harnish says:

    I got to playtest this scenario at IndieCon and thought it was fantastic.

  3. Huzzah!

    I super love Fear Itself because its good for normals who love horror movies and want to try out gaming.

    Additionally, I was trying to think up my own framework about a news-crew as a Fear Itself bookend, I know I couldn’t have beaten one done professionally!

    Consider this bought!

  4. Nicolas says:


    Is there a CoC conversion for the amazing 7th circle adventure yet ?
    See you on the other side very soon


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