The Rending Box


Nominated for Best Adventure in the 2012 ENnie awards

In an antiques shop in North London, there is a box. Inside the box is an ancient creature, seeping through into the world. It will show the Investigators the universe as it really is.

The Rending Box is the final Purist adventure for Trail of Cthulhu. The previous scenarios, The Dying of St Margaret’s, The Watchers in the Sky and The Dance In The Blood have hinted about an immense, fecund creature, spawning beneath the soil of the Lake District.

In The Rending Box, the Investigators see that creature. Indeed, they may discover everything: the patterns behind the universe, the monsters older than time, the secrets that break your mind. And all they need to do is open a box.

This is the fourth and final installment of Graham Walmsley’s Purist Adventure series for Trail of Cthulhu, and is now available in print and PDF format in the collection The Final Revelation.

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Stock #: PELGT21D Author: Graham Walmsley
Artist:Jerome Huguenin Pages: 31 pg PDF

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16 Responses to “The Rending Box”

  1. John Taber says:

    It would be neat to have this series from Graham available in a bundle on DriveThruRPG…[hint hint hint]… :D

  2. from says:

    I’d really want one of these in print, to match the other three in my Purist Adventure Bundle.

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  5. Roo says:

    It would be fab if all these were gathered into a printed volume. I hate PDFs but will happily buy a book.

    • from says:

      Amen, bRoo. (Pardon the miserable pun, my mind won’t let me not use those once it thinks them up.)

      Seriously, though…in print, even available as some sort of Print-On-Demand thingie, would be great. “Omnibus”-editions, with several small adventures such as these gathered into a single print volume, would be even better.

  6. You can always buy the PDF and then send it to a Print-On-Demand service like Lulu to get a single bound copy….

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  8. Joseph Bouthiette Jr. says:

    Also interested in seeing these four bundled into a physical book.

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