The Purist Adventures

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Gathered together for the first time in this Special Edition bundle are Signed & Numbered Limited editions of The Dying of St Margaret’s, The Watchers in the Sky, and the brand new monstrous adventure, The Dance in the Blood. Signed, numbered and designed by the author, Graham Walmsley, these are truly a collectors item.

The bundle includes all three of the authors bone-chilling Purist scenarios,  only for the most stalwart and, some may even say, foolhardy, of Investigators:

  • The Dance in the BloodIn a forgotten corner of Northern England, between the rolling hills  and tranquil dales nestles a village plagued by terrible secrets and  subterranean horrors.
  • The Watchers in the Sky A madman feeds the birds, paranoid they are watching him. Later, the same strange birds stare from the rooftops, warping the laws of physics and chemistry. And, when the Investigators dissect one of the creatures, they find something monstrous inside.
  • The Dying of St Margaret’s On the remote Scottish island of St Margaret’s, Investigators take jobs at an all-girls private school. Each is searching for an acquaintance who disappeared from the school.  But what they discover will drive them to the edge of insanity.

This bundle of three adventures is limited to only 50 Signed & Numbered copies, including PDFs of each limited edition plus PDFs of the original releases, and is available exclusively through Pelgrane Press.

Stock #: PELGB4     Author: Graham Walmsley
Edition: Signed & Numbered Limited Editions + PDFs

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  2. Hope I got number 1 :)

  3. Mike Gruber says:

    My PayPal receipt is stamped Sep 28, 2010 09:36:02 PDT so I might give you a run for your money on number 1 :)

    I haven’t received my Pelgrane store receipt yet though…

  4. from says:

    Just as long as I get number 666, I’m happy. Seriously, some mythos reference (“Tindaloos edition – ‘ware the corners”) or just a Lovecraft quote as a dedication would be neat.

  5. John Post says:

    I waited a little while because I want number 13.

  6. GB Steve says:

    I have the Gen Con edition with invisible numbers and signature. It’s done in Mi-Go blood.

  7. from says:

    Graham, I am order number 383106, Kristoffer.

  8. Mudshark Baby says:

    What is it about me and Pelgrane/ToC?

    Whenever there is a really cool limited edition something, I log on just too late to get it coz it is out of print.


    Why can’t I log on and find it months later, safe in the knowledge I had no chance instead of just outside of my grasp.

    Oh well, one day.

  9. Jim says:

    Argh! Too late… great idea though, would love to get some of my other pdf only ToC stuff in physical form….

  10. Sid Wood says:

    Well at least you didn’t order it the second it was available only to have it lost in the post! I’m absolutely gutted. Of all things to go missing in the post it had to be a limited edition item. :o(

  11. Vorpalgens says:

    Hmmm that is stragne because i have lost it in the mail as well… and i had ordered 2 copies for a friend and I. I’m in Canada.

    I got replacements after a while that came in in less than a week.

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