The Plain People of Gaming: In The Time Of The Corona

One stretch goal we didn’t get to in the DRACULA DOSSIER Kickstarter was the Plague capstone, where Dracula weaponises a new virus and takes over the world. I rather wish we’d hit that one – all that research and preparation would have been handy right about now.


Like the rest of the world, the Pelgranes are hunkering down and hiding in our respective nests while we weather this strange time. We’re switching our games online, we’re obsessively washing our claws, and we’re hugging our loved ones (or waving at them from a suitably safe distance). We’re mostly old-school gamers – virtually all of my gaming is face-to-face – so it’s something of a learning curve. But there’s no alternative, as we stare into this year of social distancing and probably-no-cons. No doubt many of you are in similar situations.

So – what can we do for you? What sort of resources, articles or products would be most useful to you in the days to come? Do you want more One-2-One scenarios to play at home? More content for virtual tabletops? Essays on running games for kids? Online panels? Let us know in the comments.

And stay safe out there. A world-wide threat that we can fight by staying home and gaming? This is the time we’ve been training for all our lives!

11 Responses to “The Plain People of Gaming: In The Time Of The Corona”

  1. Bryan says:

    I really liked seeing the hangover card development process. Maybe some more unique condition cards like quarantine breech, germ theory, etc.

  2. Bryant Durrell says:

    More One-2-One scenarios would actually be pretty cool. As always I have no experience running a tabletop gaming company, so grain of salt, but what about a contest?

    Maybe also accelerate the Community Content program? I forget what the next candidate for inclusion was.

  3. Michael Maneval says:

    The virus has gotten me to actually get The Black Book, so maybe more games for that (Esoterrorists plz <3)! I just ran character creation for a new, twice-a-week Zalozhniy Quartet campaign and the Black Book allowed it to go smoothly and quickly even though not everyone had the books.

    With more alone time, comes more podcast-listening – Thankfully you all have Ken and Robin providing a wonderful hour of podcast a week, but I would also enjoy listening to online panels ("support groups" for people transitioning from home gaming to online gaming, with a focus on Gumshoe and 13th Age games?)

    An actual play (or at least recorded virtual game session) of some Pelgrane games?

    Wishing all y'all good health! The next several months would be a lot more daunting without your games! :)

  4. Content for virtual tabletops please! Someone was posting to Facebook the other day about how they didn’t have Ashen Stars character sheets for Roll20.

  5. Tim Baker says:

    I would enjoy viewing and/or participating in online panels. I’m disappointed that two gaming conventions I was going to attend this spring have been canceled. One of my favorite parts of a con are the RPG panels.

  6. As a man who enjoys getting his family together while I’m away for work… might be a long trip this time, but I digress… VTT stuff allows me to take their sanity one point at a time from a remote location 😬

  7. Frank Gunderson says:

    One-2-one scenarios… possibly for Fall of Delta Green?

    Perhaps we could follow the adventures of Dr. Cecil Green of the CDC?

  8. Joel says:

    Would it possible to do One-to-One cards (specifically for NBA: Solo Ops) that are fillable. They could have the same font that the ready made ones already have.

  9. YAJ says:

    Online panels would be interesing, lots of Pelgrane back catalogue to unearth, as well as the new publications to talk about.

    [Edited!] actual play would be fun, especially of some of the publsihed short scenarios – would be really handy for GMs to see how the printed page converts into fun play.

  10. Matthew Strachan says:

    More One-to-one scenarios would be great!!!

  11. Simon English says:

    Resource for Roll20/Virtual Tabletops are good. Getting MCB and the YK on to the Black Book would work equally well. The QuickShock Cards as a Roll20 Deck would be amazing.

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