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[Edit: Thank you all so much for this feedback. It’s very useful]

This is the Pelgrane Press logo – one of two. It has served us well, but I am considering a redesign. Please vote on your views – be brutal, and feel free to comment. Vote entirely on the basis of aesthetics, not cost or time.

What do you think of the PP logo?

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29 Responses to “The Pelgrane Press Logo”

  1. Phil Nicholls says:

    Hi Simon,
    I think that you need a completely new logo, as the current one seems to me to work as a logo for a horror supplement, but seems less fitting for fantasy works, and even less so for a SF publication.
    A more universal logo would be more fitting, something that matches the style of ALL of Pelgrane’s publications.
    Yes, a tall order, but then you did ask!

  2. Jim Webster says:

    Ironically if memory serves it came out of the fantasy (Dying Earth)
    The danger of a change would be that people have to learn to recognise it again.
    What might be fun would be to take the logo, and make minor tweaks for various genre, so people would still recognise it and you might get them ‘collecting’ the variants

  3. I’ve been buying Pelgrane products from the start and own well over dozen of your print products yet when I saw the question posed on twitter I couldn’t actually envisage your logo. That said I don’t think there’s to much wrong with the concept of the logo, it just needs to be more vivid, simple and striking.

  4. Deepfire says:

    You definitely need a new logo. No offense meant, but the old looks very unprofessional, both in design and technical. But, I am biased, (logo-)design and layout is my job, so I see those stuff differently than others do.

  5. Adrian says:

    It’s fine as is, though I’d like a “cheeky pelgrane” better.

    Your other logo has always looked a bit like an anatomical diagram to me, that’s the one I’d change. Sorry, but there it is.

  6. Steve Moss says:

    Always disliked it. It looks very dated, amateurish & it never matched the artwork of the Pelgrane books.

  7. dominik says:

    Why dont you use that one in te left uper corner?
    Its a fine and clrear logotype.
    if not then you need a new logo! As Deepfire says im aswell biased cause im doing design stuff as well

  8. Jim Kiley says:

    This one could use some improvement yes, but I came to this poll from twitter because of the other logo. As Adrian says, above, literally every woman that I know that has looked at a Pelgrane book has seen the other logo and said “why is there a model of the female reproductive system on this gaming book?”

  9. Ian says:

    I agree with other comments. Use the one in the top-left of the web pages (the double P one). That one is fine, except for the possible gynaecological inferences. The other one, not so much.

  10. Aaron says:

    I do think you need a new logo–not because this one is ugly, necessarily, but because it’s very difficult to read, esp. at smaller sizes. The name needs to be clear and prominent, even in a thumbnail, or else there needs to be a single clear image (the Nike swoosh, the Harper colophon, etc.) that is easily spotted and can stand alone.

  11. Jonas says:

    It needs an work-over, may be cut the small bat creature out of upper left corner, get rid of the orange hazy lomp in the background. Maybe just do it in black and white and have black silhouettette of the larger bat creature (pelgrane) with Pelgrane Press text under it’s feet.

  12. John Taber says:

    Boy I think both of your logos are not good. I am not a fan of the dragon one but I still think it is better than the other one…the “P”s logo that looks like private parts…sorry…had to be said.

  13. I think you need a completely new logo. It screams 1980’s indie company.

  14. Fred says:

    This logo is the logo of the publisher of Dying Earth.

  15. Tigger says:

    Tbh, i think it needs either a good redesign or replacing.

    Despite owning umpteen pelgrane products, I dont find it instantly identifiable with pelgrane, unlike, say chaosium or mskatonic river presses logo.

    The red on red and the lopsided silhoulette look both…well somewhat off, and unclear…., particulary when smaller images

  16. Niclas says:

    Hmm… I never noted the female reproductive system likeness before. Now I can’t un-see it. And I used to like that logo…

    Agree that the logo we are voting about does scream cheap 80s indie design.

    Maybe a combination of the two, with two batwinged P:s?
    Or is that too much Batman? :P

    Did some sketching. Not too much Batman, too much power metal…

  17. Reverend Dak says:

    It needs to be a proper logo, flat & 2-dimensional, not a 3D thing with gradients. A 2-D logo that consisting of nothing but vectors can be translated into 3-D, colored and shaded at will. But having the LOGO be purely line-art (i.e. Vector based) is more useful and flexible. These new web 2.0 3-D logos that everyone has adopted, from AT&T, Pepsi, Chevron, taco bell, etc. look stupid compared to some classic logos that have NOT been 3-D-ified/Web-2.0, like the Nike Swoosh or the Golden Arches. Their basic logos are FLAT & 2-D, but can be modified and made 3-D and colored & shaded without losing its original basic, and recognizable, symbol.

  18. Shreyas says:

    I dig the typographic mark that’s on the website banner, although it could use some revision too: the place where the stems of the Ps meet at the top is odd, and if they weren’t skewed upward they might look less uterine. Consider working out a new PP monogram, perhaps informed by old-style printers’ marks to reference the ‘press’ thing.

    The bat-thingy graphic is not meaningfully a logo. Reverend Dak’s advice above is pretty solid. Besides needing an iconic silhouette that works in black-and-white, it needs a less noisy type treatment – the MS Word warp effect on “Pelgrane” is just ugly and the letterspacing on “Press” makes those letters kind of melt into the background.

    If you want to stick with the bat logo, I think you would benefit from looking at good logos with flying creatures in them – Bacardi, Batman, the Museum of Flight’s archive of airline logos ( – and see how they solve the problem of streamlining a complicated body plan into a graphic that can be reduced to one or two colors.

  19. Nevrose says:

    This old logo reminds me of Dracula’s Castle, in the Gremlin’s II vintage dracula’s sort of way. The irregular font size feels like chaos. The blur around the letters and around the background feels like smog. The almost opposite colors (orange-purple) juxtaposed reminds me of a jester suit.

    So, what new feelings will the new logo give ?

  20. Fredrik says:

    This logo always looked to me as if it was lifted off some second-rate web page in 1997. The gleam around the letters has that cheap Photoshop effect look to it. The colours are to garish. It is also more of an image than a logo. This *is* perhaps brutal, but it is also what I’ve always thought. Besides, you did ask for it.

  21. Alf Joakim Persson says:

    Never liked the “batlogo”, but has seen beyond that because of the greatness of the rest.

    ..Dont know what “PELGRANE” stands for/means?
    ..Except great roleplaying publications, feels like the old logo lost it’s meaning? Maybee?

    The PP-logo is GREAT, nothing wrong with vaginas! KEEP!
    ..Our gaming world needs moore fem-power…
    ..Pelgrane Press =The mother of gaming ?..

    So, let the old faitfull come to a well desurved final rest and let PP (power of fem) rule supreem.

    Thats my voice in this. ;)

  22. Mudshark Baby says:

    I agree with a number of other posters here that I consider the PP logo the actual logo of the company as opposed to the batwinged one. I too had never noticed the reproductive allusion but think it still works.

  23. Mudshark Baby says:

    Oh and certainly people aren’t holding back. I suspect you wish you had asked sooner!

  24. Fredrik says:

    Vaginal connotations or not, the back-to-back P’s are IMHO *very* distinctive and instantly recognisable. Perhaps they don’t exactly *scream* “RPGs”, but that is not really necessary – according to me at least. Oh, and “Mudshark Baby”: I like your nick. So much in fact, that I will renick myself “Bromidrosis”.

  25. Dae says:

    The PP logo is classy. The bat one looks amateur and irks me evey time I see it on otherwise stylish gumshoe books

  26. Dae says:

    And any logo that suggestive of a flower is going to look suggestive of reproductive equipment.
    Reminds me more of a winged seed pod or mantis head.

    • Dae says:

      Oh and I love the way the double P logo is suggestive of the open pages of a book. Very clever.

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