The New Map

 I have a new piece of art by Lee Moyer hanging on the wall above my computer monitor to inspire work on 13th Age. It came in especially handy while working through Chapter 8: THE DRAGON EMPIRE with the editor.

The top-right piece in the photo above is the map for 13th Age, captured during a rare moment of sun in Seattle. I’m  overjoyed to have the map above me. Printing the big version was worth it. It won’t be in the book at this size but who can say what the future holds?

As to the rest of the art currently on my work-wall, I suspect many of you will recognize one or two of the other pieces but I’m not sure how many people will recognize all four from what’s visible

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  1. Nitehood says:

    Love it! I cannot wait for this to come out. My beta game this last weekend was “OK”. It was our first, and it had lots of questions which we needed to look up. This of course slows the game down.

    Next week will be better.


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