The Mythos in the South Seas

Alien creatures, half fish and half frog, whom Obed Marsh encountered and whispered rumours in Innsmouth all lead to the South Seas and their terrible secrets.

Pelgrane freelancers are versatile. So for this supplement set in the remote islands of the Pacific, it is Jerome who writes, and Graham Walmsley who illustrates…

Cthulhu Honolulu

12 Responses to “The Mythos in the South Seas”

  1. Ralf says:

    Honestly I don’t know why you bother with Jerôme as the artist. Graham’s skills are obviously wasted as a writer, if he does awesome art like this.

  2. GB Steve says:

    Only six mouth tentacles? C’mon. He’s got seven. SEVEN! You idiots.

    • Reverance Pavane says:

      Well yes, but it’s “Ghulhu Honolulu,” and everyone knows that Ghulhu (Cthulhu’s third cousin twice removed) only has six facial tentacles. What are they teaching at Miskatonic U these days if people have forgotten that?


      • Graham says:

        Exactly. Like the man said. This is clearly Gthulhu.

        You wouldn’t see Cthulhu sitting on a beach, drinking a cocktail with an umbrella in it. He drinks beer.

  3. RM says:

    Totally missed an opportunity by not just naming the image Honothulhu.



  4. Kevin Miller says:

    Any plans for a limited edition or, at least, a version colored with Crayons??? If so, I’m in….

  5. Chilledchimp says:

    I think Graham should do a whole colouring book!

  6. Spawn of Yith says:

    I can see the pitch now. Hawaii 5-0 vs surfin Deep One cultists

  7. Reverance Pavane says:

    So do we get a sample of Jerome’s writing as well?

  8. PCB says:

    Will it be scratch and sniff? Odour is an underutilised component in gaming supplements.

  9. Taavi says:

    Your typical gaming table includes at least one member who can supply the Cthulhoid odour component on request (and indeed, without request).

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