The Lovely Ashen Stars Limited Edition

Bet you wish your limited edition was hot like mine.


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  1. Stuart Bonham says:

    When will they be shipped? For that matter, when will the regular Pre-Orders and DR7 be shipped?

  2. Kurt Loy says:

    Beth said pre-orders would be shipping later this week on Monday. I haven’t heard anything about how Robin’s arm was killing him so that may stretch a bit. Looks like I may be using my tablet for my preview event, but they sure do look pretty. Good things to those who wait!

  3. Rel Fexive says:

    My order from the 12th of June says it is queued for shipping, if that’s any help. Check out the order receipt they sent you.

  4. Frank Jarome says:

    Mine from June 1st says “queued for shipping” as well. I was hoping to have it by my birthday on Monday, but during the same week would be good too :-)

  5. J.J. Mason says:

    I should have skipped groceries that week and ordered this thing. *curses the world*

  6. Frank says:

    So on Simon’s Twitter, he put this earlier today:

    “Non-(US and Canada) #ashenstars Stellar Nursery shipped. The office looks empty.”

    So if you’re not in the US, awesome. If you are, my understanding is it has to go to the warehouse on this side of the pond and then get shipped out from there. Can anyone confirm if I got that right?

    • Rel Fexive says:

      I have a very nice looking (and smelling) book here, in the UK. Your news and mine might be related….

  7. Dave says:

    My copy arrived (UK) about 30 seconds ago :)

  8. Frank Jarome says:

    So the UK folks are getting theirs, which is frickin awesome… Now when will we US folk be getting ours?

  9. Dave says:

    You will not be disappointed when it finally arrives :)

  10. from says:

    Got the Stellar Nursery edition earlier this week, but not the limited. Will that be shipping soon, as well?

    • from says:

      Never you mind, I just saw the new post on the main page, “The limited edition is awaiting these tokens, which we should have by the end of the month.”.

      Love the Smythe stitching in the Stellar Nursery edition, gives a real sense of quality!

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