The Look of the Gaean Reach – Concepts

Some early ideas for the Gaean Reach logo. Please let us know what you think.

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  1. It’s interesting that each of these designs captures a different era of science fiction.

    The first is reminiscent of pulp science fiction like Flash Gordon and of films like Forbidden Planet.

    The second has more of a Space 1999 and 70s paperbacks feel to it.

    The third is more “modern” and looks like it could be a tv title card for a current show.

    For my $$, I am very fond of the font and shadow effect of the first image, but I am less fond of the way that it looks like a “flamer template” for 40K in it’s layout.

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  3. Humza Kazmi says:

    I really like the first one, but would prefer the font to be a bit less heavy, a bit clearer – the holes in the “A”s ought to be larger. Even so, the first option is far more distinctive and eye-catching than the second or third. The second is a bit more generic, and the third is too stylized.

  4. Allen Varney says:

    We’re also looking for comments on the wording and style of the subhead.

  5. Jason Durall says:

    I think the third is the most successful, but the A character looks somewhat like Rs and the C like a T, so it reads strangely like “Grean Reath”. The actual R being directly beneath the A doesn’t help.

    I like the first sub-header the most, though.

    All three look very retro vs. classic, though. Is that intentional?

  6. Paul Thomas says:

    For my money, as seems to be the vague consensus so far, the first one is easily the coolest. The wording beneath it works specifically with the font its been paired with, specifically the word, ‘Universe’.

    I, too, would very much like to know if there is a retro theme intended in all three (and therefore with all viable candidates, I would imagine). If so, go Buck-Rogers-ish-Style! I’m a huuuuuge fan, and it’s undeniably the most eye-catching.

  7. Greg Oakes says:

    I prefer the first font as well – it maintains a nice pulpy feel. My least favourite is the third – I think it will probably date really quickly. Also, as pointed out Jason, it is less easy to read correctly. The second one I am somewhat neutral towards – it looks like a 60’s TV logo, particularly with the flare behind the letters.

    Not having read the source material, I’m not sure which one is most appropriate….

    Re the subheadings, the first mentions “Roleplaying”, which specifically identifies the nature of the product, and “the universe of Jack Vance” which identifies the source and doesn’t place any limits on it.

    The third refers to “the Novels of Jack Vance” – I’m not sure if there were Gaean Reach short stories and the like, but the wording doesn’t encompass them.

    The second refers to “the Works of Jack Vance” which applies a vague limitation on the source i.e. if it’s not in the works then it maybe can’t happen… Perhaps a simplistic interpretation to justify why I like the “Universe” one the best :)

  8. Doyle Tavener says:

    Like the others here, I prefer the 30s/40s-ish font of the first logo, likewise for the sub-heading. A reversed cone may be more appropriate , or no ‘cone effect’ at all; I would have to see the options to distinguish which was better.

    ‘Roleplaying in the Universe of Jack Vance’ seems to me elegant, as well as possessing a SF flavor to it, maybe ‘Cosmos’ instead of ‘Universe’? Hmmmm…

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