The journal of Virginia Kendall

Wondering what terrors the Investigators will face in the upcoming Cthulhu Apocalypse? This diary extract gives some clues (and spoilers).

28 August 1936

We have descended into the cave and found rooms built for giants, where letters out of the ordinary course of time had been hidden.  We have obeyed the directive in those letters and driven to Blackpool, once a cheerful resort known to many a child in the England that was.  There, the quaking of the earth drove back the sea and uncovered the horrible golden bones of a sunken city, now risen to claim our world.  Only sacrifice would have saved us from this one threat, though the white flowers whose scent is death still rule on land.

I believe there may yet be something I can do to help the survivors, who huddle behind the ruins of Blackpool.  In science there will be answers, a defence against these white flowers which were themselves a creation of science.  I hope that we may eventually re-establish contact with their creators, the Russian geniuses who can never have dreamed that their creation would be so successful.  What was done can perhaps be undone. . . .

(Thanks to Sue Isle, one of the Cthulhu Apocalypse playtesters, for permission to reproduce this extract.)

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  1. Drhoz says:

    :D I’m so pleased for Sue, and lucky to have her in my games :) The book is brilliant so far, btw

  2. David Wickes says:

    13th of October 2010

    I’ve been to Blackpool, and let me tell you: it’s much, much worse…

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