The Dying Earth maps (DERPG game aids)


A fine selection of Dying Earth maps for game enhancement, all by the magnificent Sarah Wroot

You know, there’s just something about a good quality map: the GM places it onto the table and instantly everyone has a feel for where they are in the larger scheme of things. A great map not only enhances the atmosphere, but also hugely assists the GM in creating a believable game world. Plus a map provokes visual curiosity in the Players. And can even inspire entire scenarios! (See below.)

The Dying Earth map (see above) is a full color map of the the known world, shipped to you in a sturdy card tube. Based on an original map by the estimable Steve Dempsey, it underwent multiple revisions by our dedicated staff until it reached its current state of perfection. The printed area is 34.5cm x 23cm. Delivered in a sturdy tube.


An attractive map of the Scaum Valley Region is an invaluable companion for the Scaum Valley Gazetteer and a piece of art in its own right. As it appears before them, watch your Players gaze with wonder as if seeing the land laid out below them from a great height. (Hopefully as they pass above it in a magical palace, or at least an enchanted floating bed, rather than as they are plummeting to their doom!) Its visual richness was directly responsible for the scenario framework: The Royal Cartographers.


The Kaiin map is a limited edition full color map of the white-walled city, signed by the arist and shipped to you in a sturdy card tube. It was based on the original map Robin D Laws used for his excellent Kaiin Player’s Guide. And it inspired the fan-scenario The Exasperating Cadaver, which has PCs harried all over the city. The printed area is 11.5 inches x 12 inches, 32 x 27.5cm. Delivered in a sturdy tube.


The discerning may wish to purchase all of the attractive maps: the Scaum Valley, Kaiin and the entire Dying Earth. See the map descriptions and images above for more details.


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13 Responses to “The Dying Earth maps (DERPG game aids)”

  1. Ron says:

    While my groupwill likely pick these up anyway, as an adjunct to our library of Pelgrane/Vance materials, I am wondering whether it may be in the works to produce an “expanded world map” with all the extensions that various subsidary products– scenarios and the like– suggest may be out there. For example, sites in the land mass to the West, across the Melantine Gulf. We’d be interested either in a printed version, or a downloadable one, preferably in vector-graphic format and with permission to print out a copy, so that we could get one set up on a cartographic printer. A wall map would be a lovely addition to the “campaign” materials.

  2. Madanjeet says:

    Dear Sirs
    I recently did a map to go with Tales of the Dying Earth. I was not aware of the map on your website! When I contacted Spatterlight Press (i.e. Jack Vance’s website) their cartographer Christopher Wood pointed me to your website. I was pleased to note that in the main my concept tallied with yours. Possibly the only commentable difference (leaving aside the contours or shapes of the landmasses) is that your map appears to not to pay attention the Great Sandy Shore and Cil in a manner consistent with the text of the Eyes Of The Overworld. I hasten to say I do not mean any negative commentary!
    Thank you

  3. Madanjeet says:

    Hi there Simon:
    Thank you for the reply. Here’s the thing – I did my map in Microsoft Paint – I know…how primitive can one get? Well, only as totally as a novice amateur can. I have now been enlightened by kindly friends who have told me about the Art and Science of Cartography…so I am working hard to learn GIMP. Kindly bear with me a week or four and I should be able to put forth the version of the Dying Earth map that I concoted. I hasten to add I am doing this for the sheer love of the thing…nothing adds to the pleasure of reading a fantasy adventure involving long jounerys through enchanting lands…and the Dying Earth tales tell of 5 great journeys…Guyal of Sfere, Ulan Dhor, Eyes of the Overworld, Cugel’s Saga and T’sais, each of which adds to the richness of geographical detail in Jack Vance’s world. True, the texts in such tales is not always consistent, so the challenge is to interpret the text in geographically meaningful ways while staying true to the story. ‘Pologies for the lengthy spiel…

  4. Madanjeet says:

    Hi Simon – I have had a goodlook at as you requested. Very nice! Sets a standard for wannabe mappos to aspire to! I see Profantasy is commercial. Seems fair and sensible – a lot of effort goes into each map.

    Anyway, you requested you would like to a see map of the Dying Earth that I have been developing as a hobby for a few months.I have now put the map on Facebook on the Vance appreciation group’s page. I am happy to send you a copy if you wish.

  5. Madanjeet says:

    Hi there Simon:
    My apologies as I have been having some problems with my emails. I tried to send you a link to my Dying Earth map on Facebook but something went blip as I was writing the email. Looks like I am back to normal with my laptop. In case that last email did not get through here is the link. I hope you will find a moment to look and comment – an expert eye feedback is a valueable thing. Here is the link:

  6. James Edwards says:

    Where can I buy these maps now 2018?

    • Colleen Riley says:

      The Compendium of Universal Knowledge has cut-down versions of the map, and the Kaiin Player’s Guide and Scaum Valley Gazetteer have monochrome versions.

      • James says:

        So we can’t actually now buy the big map that they advertised. I’ve been waiting years for a reprint….!

        • Cat Tobin says:

          Unfortunately, this product will not be reprinted.

          I’m sorry we didn’t make that clear in our last response.

          I’ve updated the product page to reflect this.

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