The Dubai Reckoning

Dubai Reckoning cover_350Deadlier things than vampires lurk in the shadows. They’re called multinational corporations.

When the agents are tipped off to the vampire Conspiracy’s next move, it seems like check and mate — but the rescue of a kidnap victim halfway around the world leads them into the hall-of-mirrors world of corporate espionage. The web of deception and malfeasance they uncover will take them from remote North Dakota to opulent Dubai. The goals seem ever-shifting…and something terrible is building just beneath the surface.

The Dubai Reckoning for Night’s Black Agents RPG is a globe-spanning technothriller adventure that shifts the focus from supernatural horror to corporate malfeasance and Conspiracy ladder-climbing. Use it as a change of pace from run-and-gun monster fighting, or as part of a Mirror mode campaign whenever the agents seek to develop the Conspyramid. (Estimated play time: two sessions, three if you have a cautious group of agents, or really get into some of the optional intrigue.)

Stock #: PELGN12D Author: John Adamus, with Gareth Ryder-Hanrahan
Artist: Pat Loboyko, Miguel Santos Type: 25-page PDF

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8 Responses to “The Dubai Reckoning”

  1. Mr. Paint says:

    Oh this is very nice. The American Legislative Exchange Council (or a serial numbers filled off simulacrum) would make an excellent addition to the Cospyramid.

  2. Paul Arscott says:

    Can I just send you my bank details so you can just take my money with greater ease?

  3. Olivier R says:

    I hope this one gets released soon, I’m really interested.

  4. Alfred R says:

    Is there any more news on this?

  5. Scott says:

    I love running the Zalozhniy Quartet, looking forward to another adventure!

  6. BradC says:

    Looks interesting….will this see print and if so when approximately?

  7. Adrian says:

    Can we have this in print, please???

  8. Chris Bjuland says:

    Print version will be available when?

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