The Borellus Connection

The sonofabitch is in here somewhere. I saw him — I’m gonna get him.” – The French Connection

In 1968, in response to sinister influences that threatened to corrupt America from within and without, the USA Federal Government established a new agency – one that quickly acquired a reputation for ambitious operations overseas, for covert action, and for doing what had to be done, no matter the cost.

This new agency was the United States Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs, the BNDD.

And within it – the forces of DELTA GREEN.

Trail of the White Powder

Hunt the Unnatural across the world! From the opium fields of Laos to the skies above the Pacific, from Turkish smuggling routes to the secret heroin labs of Marseilles, follow the trade in misery and fight the horrors along the way. Expose the criminal underworld – and discover that it’s inextricably linked with other secret realms.

Eight Thrilling Operations!

The Borellus Connection is a campaign for The Fall of DELTA GREEN, using the heroin trade and the BNDD as a narrative spine. The campaign runs from South-East Asia to the Middle East to Europe, as the Agents uncover the sinister machinations of a necromantic cult.

Eight linked operations, each one playable as a standalone investigation or as part of an epic hunt for an infamous enemy! That is not dead which can eternal lie, and with strange aeons, even death may die…





  • Operation JADE PHOENIX (North-Eastern Burma): The CIA wants the Chinese-backed Shan warlord Lung Li Bao assassinated, and the Agents are tasked to escort a Marine sniper, Sergeant Adolph Lepus, to Lung’s headquarters in the Wa state of northeast Burma, with orders to eliminate Lung and return with proof of Lung’s (and therefore Peking’s involvement in the opium trade. DELTA GREEN has identified one of Lung’s advisers, Ming Yuan, as a Kuen-Yuin sorcerer; Lung’s compound is a target-rich environment. The team must travel into Burma, avoiding detection en route, and penetrate the defenses around Lung’s compound to ensure Lepus has a clear shot on both targets.
  • Operation ALONSO (Saigon, Vietnam): The BNDD assigns the Agents to surveil a drug summit at the Continental Palace hotel between Unione Corse bosses and emissaries from Marseille. While there, DELTA GREEN wants them to ascertain the status of the Cthulhu cult in the Rung Sat region south-east of the city.
  • Operation HORUS HOURS (Hong Kong to Los Angeles, by air): Clues uncovered during ALONSO point to the existence of a heroin smuggling route running from Hong Kong to Los Angeles. The Agents have to hastily follow the couriers on the trans-Pacific flight via numerous stops and layovers, watching for the critical moment of the handover.
  • Operation DE PROFUNDIS (Bozuktepe, Turkey): Using a BNDD investigation into opium smuggling as cover, DELTA GREEN sends the Agents to investigate the suicide and disappearance of archaeologist Charles Whiteman. He was excavating a ceremonial site at Bozuktepe before mysteriously killing himself; his body vanished en route back to England. What did he bring up from the depths before he died?
  • Operation SECOND LOOK (Beirut, Lebanon): The Agents are sent in to surveil another drug deal and gather evidence; this time, an unreliable DELTA GREEN informant, Francois Genoud, is in the mix, and the Agents are ordered to remind him where his loyalties lie – but there’s more at stake here than they know, as sinister powers make a second attempt to uncover secrets of the Mythos…
  • Operation PURITAN (Munich, Germany to Prague, Czechoslovakia): The Agents follow Unione Corse heroin shipments into Munich, but while there, another DELTA GREEN case officer tasks them to investigate unnatural contamination of the CIA’s QK-ACTIVE propaganda broadcasts into the Soviet Union. Who is broadcasting elements of the Necronomicon from a CIA-backed radio station? Finding the truth sends the Agents on a desperate race into Prague.
  • Operation MISTRAL (Marseille, France): During the May ’68 riots, the Agents are sent to Marseille to investigate gang conflicts – and possible Unnatural activity in the troubled city.
  • Operation NEPENTHE (Baltimore, USA): The final mission brings the Agents back to the United States, for a desperate race against time, against death – and against a living god.

Sinister Alchemy

Discover the essential truths of life and death. Face sorcerers with strange powers, or plunge through realms beyond comprehension. Choose your allies carefully, and trust no-one – not even yourself.

 “I say to you againe, doe not call up Any that you can not put downe; by the Which I meane, Any that can in Turne call up somewhat against you, whereby your Powerfullest Devices may not be of use. Ask of the Lesser, lest the Greater shall not wish to Answer, and shall commande more than you.”


Status: In Development

Designed by Kenneth Hite, written by Gareth Ryder-Hanrahan, the team that brought you the ZALOZHNIY QUARTET and the DRACULA DOSSIER are called up again to create a tale of sordid intrigue, cosmic horror, and desperate action against the Mythos!

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  2. Michael P says:

    Any estimates on when this may be released? Summer or Winter 2019? Early 2020? Will it be available for pre-order? Thanks!

  3. Andrew S says:

    Oooh, this sounds insanely great! Count me in for the playtesting :>

  4. Jake says:

    Excited for this one! When’s it up for preorder?

    • Mika Talley says:

      We’re excited too! This is still in playtesting right now, so a ways off. We’ll definitely announce the preorder in See Page XX though!

  5. Todd Crone says:

    Anyway this might be ready for preorder before year’s end? If not, are there still any playtest opportunities left?


    • Becky Smith says:

      Hi Todd, we are hoping to release this for pre-order at the end of October. There are no playtest opportunities left this time I’m afraid, as we’ve passed the deadline advertised in See Page XX Thanks, Becky.

      • Todd Crone says:

        Okay, no worries. Thanks for the info. I have a game where players are US soldiers in Vietnam with some Cthulhuesque stuff. Any suggestions on some good material?


        • Becky Smith says:

          Hi Todd. For Vietnam games the place to start is the films. The Vietnam movies and TV are incredible: Tour of Duty, Fall Metal Jacket, Hamburger Hill, The Deerhunter, all of them full of scenario ideas. Fall of Delta Green draws from Delta Green obviously, and many of the scenarios published over the years for that game can be adapted. Also check out stuff for RECON, a 1980s Vietnam RPG that had a lot of supplements that are usually cheap on Ebay or can be bought on PDF I believe.

          We publish a volume called Mythos Expeditions for Trail of Cthulhu that has a lot of stuff that can be used in a Fall of Delta Green Vietnam campaign. Also if you want supernatural elements do try The Book of Unremitting Horror for Esoterrorists which again can be easily used in your campaign.

          Also check out Vets accounts and look in second hand shops for military history and war gaming magazines which can be fantastic sources of ideas.

          Personally I would base my campaign on the movie Apocalypse Now. That is a whole campaign – or if you prefer books, the novel on which it is based – Heart of Darkness.


  6. Michael P says:

    Any news on when pre-orders will be available and how much we can expect to pay? Thanks!

  7. So, no news of Borellus in the latest See Page XX. Can you hint at anything here? I was hoping to run this campaign.

    • Cat Tobin says:

      Hey Thomas, I would love to have news about this! We’re still waiting for Arc Dream to approve the manuscript, and as a licensed property, our hands are tied until they give us the go-ahead on it.

  8. wesley sermeus says:

    Any news regarding borellus?


  9. Lisa Padol says:

    Any news on when one can order this? I’m trying to plan my budget for the good stuff.

  10. Michael P says:

    I hate to be that person, but it’s mid-June… is there any news on when pre-orders will be happening? Thanks for any updates you can give!

  11. Michael P says:

    So any news on this? Noticed no update in the latest Page XX. Some news would nice. I have saved my pennies for this!!! :)

    • Becky Smith says:

      Hi Michael. I’m sorry there wasn’t an update in the most recent See Page XX, but we’re working on so many projects we can’t list them all in each issue. We’re hoping to have an update on this next month. Becky.

  12. Michael Beschta says:

    Anything back from the sensitivity reader? I’m chomping at the bit…

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