The Book of Ages

Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to be eaten by it.

The game is called 13th Age—so what’s in those 12 previous Ages? What fantastic treasures, brooding monsters, perilous dungeons, or ancient secrets survive from past centuries? What now-vanished icons shaped history, and what legacies did they leave behind?

Designed by Gareth Ryder-Hanrahan (Eyes of the Stone Thief), The Book of Ages includes:

  • The Engine of the Ages, a collaborative method for designing the ancient history of your campaign, producing a chronology of past Ages, plus a wealth of legacies, legends, and lairs to trouble the present day
  • Prompts, suggestions and random tables to spur creativity
  • More than a dozen sample Ages with new icons, monsters, treasures and powers: Explore the wolf-haunted Age of the Silver Moon, preserve civilization in the Age of Walled Cities, or fight for freedom in the Age of the Terrible Emperor
  • Seven new player character races: arcanite (post-human servants of the Wizard King), Space Corps explorer (humans from another world), unholy one (humans touched by the Dark Gods), beastblooded (descended from lycanthropes), alleykin (catfolk), lizardmen, and spiritborn (half mortal, half elemental descendants of spirits)
  • New class powers, spells, feats, and talents—including Decree of Anathema for paladins, Dirge of the Lady for clerics, Chronicler for bards, Green Bandit’s Secret for rangers, Poison Master for rogues, Necroblast for wizards and sorcerers, and Emperor-Killing Punch (Seven Deadly Secrets) for monks
  • Six ways PCs can travel into the past in search of adventure!
Stock #: PEL13A17 Author: Gareth Ryder-Hanrahan
Artwork: Rich Longmore, Ania Kryczkowska, Dagmara Matuszak, Aaron McConnell, Lee Moyer Developer: Rob Heinsoo, Paul Fanning
New Icon Symbols: Lee Moyer Type: Monochrome 120-page perfect-bound book

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12 Responses to “The Book of Ages”

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  2. SylvF says:

    Very excited for this one, and I love that cover-art. Any tentative release dates yet?

    • Colleen Riley says:

      We’re hoping to have it available at Gen Con (early August). The pre-layout PDF is available for immediate download when you pre-order the book.

  3. Matt Hoffman says:

    Just pre-ordered this and got my hands on the pre-order PDF… and, wow. I *love* what I see so far. One of 13th Age’s best strengths, both as a system and a setting, is the broad-strokes framework within which GMs are asked to have an active hand in making their own Dragon Empire “canon.” Story bits are given to us as suggestions, rather than maxims; sometimes we are given several different (and often conflicting!) ideas for how to use a published element in our campaigns.

    This book is really no different, but the suggestions and ideas that Gareth puts into this book are really, really badass. The section on possible past ages is easily the best (and thus the largest!) part of the book, and this was the one that took everything I thought I knew about 13th Age and turned it on its head.

    Cannot WAIT for the real thing to come out so I can see the accompanying artwork as well… but for those who are impatient like me, the pre-purchase with preliminary PDF is well worth it.

  4. Mike Schwartz says:

    Quick Question: Are the Serpent People (from before the 1st Age) discussed? I’m just curious. I’m going to get this book regardless.

  5. Denis says:

    Is the PDF still pre-layout?

  6. tedopon says:

    Is this going to be at GenCon?

  7. Denis says:

    When can we expect the print Version in stores in europe? Can’t wait :-)

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