The Apocalypse Machine

Nominated for Best Setting and Best eBook in the 2012 ENnie awards. Winner of the Gold ENnie for Best e-Book.

On November 2nd, 1936, the world died. Humanity perished, women and men died in their millions. Finally, the stars had come right, and the things that had lurked under the seas for eons rose to claim their rightful place. Now, they rule the earth, stalking it like titans.

Yet you survived this destruction. Some miracle or design left you alive to watch the destruction of everything humanity built. You are doomed to wander the devastated ruins, discovering what little you can. What went wrong? Are there others like you? How can you stay alive? Can you fight back? And, most importantly of all, is there a way to put this right?

The Apocalypse Machine continues the investigations of Trail of Cthulhu in a post-apocalyptic world. In these pages, you will find instructions on designing your own apocalypse; new Occupations, Skills and Drives, and explanations of how the old ones function in this post-apocalyptic world; and many ways for the Mythos to take over.

Your apocalypse can happen anyway you want, whether it’s a nuclear disaster, a meteor slamming into the ocean, the new ice age, or Cthulhu taking a stroll, it’s up to you.

The Apocalypse Machine contains two different modes of play, Aftershock and Wasteland.

  • Aftershock – This mode puts the investigators right in the thick of it, moments after the earthquake has toppled buildings, mere seconds after the Mi-Go swarms are spotted in the skies. You have to find a safe place, food, water, and just try to escape the Mythos hordes.
  • Wasteland – The apocalypse was years ago, barely talked about anymore, the old civilisation has gone, replaced with a rougher existence. Frontier towns, destroyed buildings, poisoned farmland, you can’t escape the effects, you just have to learn to survive in the new world.

The Apocalypse Machine is the second installment of the Cthulhu Apocalypse series by Graham Walmsley. The first part, The Dead White World, is available to buy now.

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Stock #: PELGT24D Author: Graham Walmsley
Artist: Alessandro Alaia Pages: 72 pg PDF


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  2. greg says:

    Probably worthwhile pointing out that this in NOT actually a scenario as such, but a supplement book on how to build post Apocalyptic scenarios. As such, I’m not sure that you can really say that it “follows on” from Dead White World. It would probably have made more sense to have released this before DWW, or maybe together as a package.

  3. Darren Miguez says:

    I was very excited to be able to follow on from our epic DWW sessions.

    Still excited, and buying now regardless. I guess Dance in the Blood will be our Halloween Game….

  4. Steve Moss says:

    I love it! It’s the perfect companion to the campaign I’m planning for the aftermath of The Armitage Files. A really excellent book.

  5. Neil Ford says:

    Any idea when this will make it to RPGNow?

    – Neil.

  6. They usually hit RPGNow etc. about a week or two after initial release.

  7. Paul of Cthulhu says:

    OK, this one seems to be taking a little while longer.

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