The Apocalypse Competition

In celebration of the release of The Dead White World, the first three scenarios of Cthulhu Apocalypse, author Graham Walmsley has put together a fantastic competition with the chance to win a numbered list of thirteen works of postapocalyptic fiction. All you have to do is figure out which book relates to which symbol. Subtle clues are given and you’re welcome to use the internet and Wikipedia to its full capacity.

We launched this competition to coincide with the release of Cthulhu Apocalypse. The first person to name each work of fiction won the book. However, nobody claimed the grand prize for naming all 13 books. If you can, that prize is yours.

The full map and clues can be found here.


Submit your entries in this format – number, title, author (e.g. 7. The Postman by David Brin) by email to

Please submit all 13 book titles in one email. The first person to get them all right wins the grand prize, which includes copies of Play Unsafe and A Taste For Murder, both written by Graham. And perhaps some other things too.

Do not wait until you have all thirteen answers, just send them in when you have them.

The closing date for entries is midnight UTC 1st April 2011.

Feel free to post answers in the comments section for bragging rights but your entry will not be counted unless you email your answer to the below address.

The Map

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14 Responses to “The Apocalypse Competition”

  1. Mark Watson says:

    Clue 1: “War of the Worlds”, by H G Wells

  2. Tigger_Mk4 says:

    I think you mean closing date 1 April *2011*, Beth ?

  3. Matt C. says:

    Cool contest!

  4. Sid Wood says:

    11: Day of the Triffids

  5. Sid Wood says:

    Clue 8: The Chrysalids by John Wyndham

  6. Don Corcoran says:

    You say fiction. Is it only novels?

  7. Joe Mcdaldno says:

    This is a guess, but…

    4. World War Z, Max Brooks

    I know that a group of students hole themselves up in a fortified college in California, in order to survive a zombie apocalypse. Part of me thinks that a chem lab was involved.

  8. Tigger_Mk4 says:

    I’m pretty certain I’ve got the answer (and submitted a few hours ago) to 7- World in Winter by John Christopher
    ….I was a big fan of his 25 years ago. As well as the Tripods, he also wrote a post-apocalyptic story where all the adults died off from a disease, I seem to recall…

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