TOOTH, TALON & PINION: Excellent Prismatic Spray Double Issue #7/8

The second double-issue of the Excellent Prismatic Spray magazine to be so voluminous as to (in this case literally) claw its way into being a DERPG sourcebook in its own right!

Stranger, stay your hand a while…

Wonder at the pets of the Dying Earth, frolic in the icy streets of The Hidden City in the Mountains, gawp at Bildazan, God of Merchants and Thieves. Once again Pelgrane Press spares no expense or effort to bring to your attention what they most modestly assure me must surely be the finest collection of scenarios, background information, and plot hooks for the Dying Earth as has ever been collected into one place.

But lest you think that we have succumbed to chronic philotherianism we also venture into other areas and continue to elucidate and examine the farther corners of our ancient world.

Twenty creatures are detailed here by our most reliable commentators, offered with their Known Facts, reliable Scholarly Conjectures with game effects, and Adventure Hooks for unsuspecting PCs:

  • The familiar deodand gets a new lick of paint in the Carnival of Grotesques…
  • There is a choice of dangerous and docile pets…
  • You might learn the secrets of the Twk-Folk…
  • choose your words carefully with the Equivocal Leucomorph…
  • And Grashpotel’s walking tour enlightens us on the culinary merits of beasts, although many of his students end up on the menu!

So, stranger, should you merely be desirous of titillation, of generously endowed maidens dressed in unlikely and uncomfortable combinations of chain mail and leather, of facile stories and shallow plots suitable only for the most juvenile, then carefully place this back on the shelf where your betters can find it.

If, on the other hand, you are a person of wit and discernment, welcome, this book has found its rightful home.

This also serves as a companion volume to the DE Compendium, being made up of much high quality material originally intended for an earlier version of that work.


Editorial: Jim Webster
The Letters of Bracht, Green Legionnaire: M.D. Jackson
Pets of the Dying Earth: Lizard
The Hidden City of the Mountains: Lynne Hardy
The Twk-men: Nicholas Caldwell
Grashpotel’s Symposium: David Thomas
The Clevenger Collectors: Jeanry Chandler
The Duniwassal Mattock: Justinian Merrihew
The Travelers Guide to the Exotic and Quixotic Bildazan, God of Merchants and Thieves: Greg Saunders
The Animal Apocrypha: Ian Thomson
A Treatise on the Origins and Intelligence of Certain Dumb Beasts: David Thomas

Once upon a time a DE Bestiary was mooted, and indeed written to first draft. Then the concept changed. Much of the material created was subsumed into the Compendium, with sufficient overflow to become Tooth, Talon & Pinion. However, some smaller pieces were left homeless and found their way into the Footsteps of Fools scenarios, and at the end of the day the large appendices also still remained – and are here offered freely for your delight:
Gilgad’s Wilderness Survival Guide
The Magic of the Wilds
Weapons of the Dying Earth (written independently of the XPS article)
The High Road to Kaiin (adventure part 1)
A Walk in the Woods (adventure part 2)

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Stock #: PELXPS07 Author: Ed: Jim Webster with Ian Thomson
Artist: Ossi Hiekkala Pages: 134 page paperback



XPS4-5BodyDouble Book-Size Issue of ‘The Excellent Prismatic Spray’ (Volume 1, Number 4/5)

A source book for the Dying Earth RPG
To Ascolais, the Falling Wall and Beyond! This first double volume of the XPS is so vast in scope that it has graduated to its own page as a sourcebook in its own right.

Once the heart of the reach of Grand Motholam, the Land of the Falling Wall and Ascolais are now picturesque ruins. The people are strange, the places stranger, the opportunities and diversions unparalleled. This double issue of The Excellent Prismatic Spray is your well-nigh irresistible invitation to discover the Dying Earth’s heartlands for yourself. While waiting for Time’s death rattle, why not:

    • Defraud merchants amid the probity and decorum of cruel Lumarth and its ruinous neighbour Aktabras…
    • Lose yourself (or your pursuers) in Forrell’s Port, gateway to the Sousenene Coast…
    • Cross the Plain of Standing Stones…
    • Discover whether you or any of your fellows are unknowingly vat creatures…
    • Hide from your enemies in cosmopolitan Efred, City of Sanctuary…
    • Tangle with mermelants in Aldusfeld Village…
    • Interfere with cranes in white-walled Kaiin…
    • Or take the opportunity to hunt mutroons and social status in the Great Da Forest.

    Ascolais and the Land of the Falling Wall features adventures, recipes, ghosts, ships, vat creatures, gods, daihaks and demons. The material is suitable for all levels of play and will satisfy every palate, however ghoulish or finicky.

      Vance’s Spell of the Ineffably Pleasurable Prolonged Hour and What It Did To Me (Ed Greenwood)
      The Den-Phu Cranes [adventure] (Robin D Laws)
      The Dying Earth Needs You (Lynne Hardy)
      A Map of The Known World (Sarah Wroot)
      Efred, City of Sanctuary (David Thomas)
      Mermelants Unite! (Thomas Russell)
      ARCANA of Grashpotel (Peter Freeman)
      The City of Lumarth (Ian Thomson)
      Caravan to Akatabras [adventure] (Ian Thomson)
      Forell’s Port (Lizard)
      Home Brewed Heroes [Vat Creature PCs] (Ian Thomson)
      The Laughing Magician [adventure] (Steve Dempsey)
      The Sculpted Chair (Lynne Hardy)
      The Luminarion (Mark Baker)
      Ghosts of the Forgotten Past (Kurt Brown)
      The Encroaching Green (Lizard & Ian Thomson)
      Cozeners Expedients (Various)

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    Stock #: PELXPS004D Author: Ed: Jim Webster
    Artist: Sarah Wroot & others Pages: 148 page paperback