The following articles originally appeared on an earlier iteration of See Page XX in April 2008. 

This month we step beyond the limitations of the pixel and into the glorious world of sound. James Semple introduces us to the new theme for Esoterrorists, Luke Crane shares air with Vincent Baker, and Paul MacClean advises us on how to record our gaming sessions. Juila Ellingboe discusses how her game Steal Away Jordan, and points us at recorded actual play. Mystic Moo will appear shortly with her Moocast. Please answer our poll. I know lots of people read our webzine, but I don’t get much feedback. Your response will help me improve content.


Did you know that Pelgrane Press once conducted audio interviews with prominent game designers? Neither did I! The following interview originally appeared in an earlier iteration of See Page XX in April 2008.

Luke Crane and Vincent Baker

In this first in the podcast series, Luke Crane (Burning Wheel) talks to Vincent Baker (Dogs in the Vineyard, Poison’d, In a Wicked Age and Kill Puppies…) Luke uses lots of words, while Vincent occasionally demonstrates the power of dead air. Is Kill Puppies a playable game? Is it possible to play too much Dogs in the Vineyard? Found out here…