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We continue to be in the grip of the toughest pandemic of our lifetimes, and we’ve shifted towards a more virtual way of living here in the Pelgrane’s Nest. Find out what’s new and happening in the Pelgrane in the Time of the Corona below, and check out new pre-orders Swords of the Serpentine, Honey & Hot Wax – An Erotic Art Games Anthology PDF, and the 13th Age Book of the Underworld.

New Releases

      • Swords of the Serpentine: The Adventurer’s Edition pre-order – A GUMSHOE sword & sorcery game of daring heroism, sly politics, and bloody savagery, set in a fantasy city rife with skullduggery and death. Pre-order now and get a limited edition colour print map of Eversink.
      • Honey & Hot Wax – An Erotic Art Games Anthology PDF pre-order – A digital-only anthology of games about sex by a diverse group of 10 designers, which will challenge how you think about roleplaying, sexuality, and human relationships.
      • Book of the Underworld pre-order– Pre-order this campaign setting for 13th Age, revealing the secrets of the Dragon Empire’s Underworld, and get the final PDF now.
      • Book of the Underworld PDF – A campaign setting for 13th Age, revealing the secrets of the Dragon Empire’s Underworld.
      • The Yellow King RPG – Four full-colour 6″ x 9″ hardback books in a slipcase, with accompanying GM screen. The dread horror of Robert Chambers’ King in Yellow stories take RPG form, confronting your players with an epic journey across four Carcosan-drenched time periods.
      • The Yellow King RPG Basic Shock & Injury decks – These optional accessories allow The Yellow King Roleplaying Game GMs to quickly grab and dish out Shock and Injury cards during face-to-face play.
      • Absinthe in Carcosa – An 8.5″ x 11″, full-colour hardback, this indispensable city guide for The Yellow King Roleplaying Game is yoked together from travelogues, newspapers, and the disquieting ephemera of the occult tradition.
      • The Missing and the Lost – A thrilling, thought-provoking novel, which can be read as a mystery of a dread-drenched alternate reality, or use it as a model for The Yellow King Roleplaying Game when you play its Aftermath setting.
      • Mutant City Blues 2nd Edition – Pre-order the updated and expanded mutant-powered police procedural GUMSHOE game, and get the final PDF now.
      • Mutant City Blues 2nd Edition PDF – Pre-order the updated and expanded mutant-powered police procedural GUMSHOE game, and get the final PDF now.
      • Even Death Can Die – Pre-order this adventure collection for Cthulhu Confidential and get the pre-edit draft PDF now.


13th Age

When it became clear that social distancing efforts were going to have a significant impact on all of us in the games industry, we asked you what you’d like to see from us during the lockdown. Many of you expressed disappointment about missing out on conventions – specifically, panels and seminars, as well as hanging out with us in general.

Pelgranista Extraordinaire Robin D. Laws is managing our video creation, and has ramped up production from around one every six months to 2-3 new videos per week, all of which are available on our YouTube channel. (If you’re enjoying what we’re doing, please Like and Subscribe!)

Here’s a quick overview of what we’ve been up to:

Our Favourite GUMSHOE Abilities

Ever wondered which Pelgranistas like the same GUMSHOE abilities as you?

13th Age Crown of Axis Designer Q&A

Wade Rockett talks about his upcoming adventure for 13th Age

Ask Ken & Robin virtual panel

Kenneth Hite and Robin D. Laws take the popular live version of their award-winning podcast to a live virtual audience.

Getting Started with Horror Roleplaying virtual panel

Robin D. Laws, Kenneth Hite and Ruth Tillman join Superheroines, Etc’s Carolyn Noe to give some advice to their Adventure Goddesses on running horror games.

Mother of Cities

Robin D. Laws and Gareth Ryder-Hanrahan experiment with a play-by-clip tabletop roleplaying game, adapting the GUMSHOE investigative system here.

How to Run Mysteries and Investigations In Table Top Roleplaying

Kenneth Hite, Robin D. Laws, Gareth Ryder-Hanrahan, Ruth Tillman, and Cat Tobin lead an investigative roleplaying masterclass.

How to Build a Fantasy Roleplaying Monster

Rob Heinsoo, Ashley Law, and Wade Rockett spitball ideas from panel attendees to flesh out the Eater of Joy, a carnivorous fungal foe that feasts on your happy memories.

How to Create Characters for The Yellow King RPG

Robin D. Laws guides you through the character creation process for his latest Pelgrane game.

How to Run Tabletop Roleplaying for One GM and One Player

Robin D. Laws, Gareth Ryder-Hanrahan, Ruth Tillman and Cat Tobin provide techniques for one player, one GM play as seen in the Pelgrane Press games Cthulhu Confidential and Night’s Black Agents: Solo Ops.

Pelgrane Press Virtual Pub Quiz

Bringing horror to all participants in the form of fiendishly difficult questions, pit your wits against Robin D. Laws, Gareth Ryder-Hanrahan, Kenneth Hite, Rob Heinsoo, Kenneth Hite and Cat Tobin in our homage to the European convention favourite.

How to Add Cthulhu to Your Fantasy Game

An all-star cast of Cthulhu initiates, including Sandy Petersen, Kevin Kulp, Emily Dresner, Kenneth Hite, Gareth Ryder-Hanrahan and moderator Robin D. Laws look at ways to incorporate the creatures, themes and places of H. P. Lovecraft’s Cthulhu Mythos into your table top fantasy roleplaying game.

Night’s Black Agents: Dracula Dossier Actual Play

A full Dracula Dossier actual play campaign, GMed by Grant Ellis and starring Lilli Sparx, Jess, Pr0restarter, and Sharang Biswas. Includes both Director & character prep videos and playthroughs.