13thAgeAllianceOnWhiteDownload Battle of Axis and Race to Starport

Season Two of 13th Age organized play kicked off with Race to Starport, which features a bizarre and creepy new threat to the Dragon Empire. We’ve updated the Organized Play Google Doc to include download links to Race to Starport and The Battle of Axis, the grand finale to Season One.

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If you’re a 13th Age Monthly subscriber, you can download Race to Starport from your order page. (RPGNow/DriveThruRPG/OneBookshelf subscriptions to 13th Age Monthly will include the new organized play adventures.)

The first three Season Two adventures will be available FREE to all 13th Age Alliance GMs and 13th Age Monthly subscribers. Which brings us to….

13th Age Monthly LogoSubscribe to 13th Age Monthly, Get All of Season Two

If you like Race to Starport,  subscribe to 13th Age Monthly and you’ll get ALL of Season Two as a free add-on—not just the first three adventures.

Plus you’ll get new 13th Age stuff every month, such as dragon riding mechanics, summoning spells for demons, elementals and archons, Jonathan Tweet’s 7-icon campaign, and much more.

Actual Play: Saving Throw Show

ST_GREY_blogheaderPeople often ask us for Actual Play podcasts or videos that spotlight what makes 13th Age distinctive. There are lots of great Actual Play shows out there, but if you’re not already familiar with 13th Age mechanics such as One Unique Thing, icon relationships, backgrounds and the escalation die, it can be hard to tell when those elements are in play.

Earlier this year, Saving Throw Show recorded a live streaming 13th Age session as part of their 24-Hour Marathon to End Alzheimer’s. It’s a good intro to the game because it starts with an overview of what makes 13th Age different from other F20 games, and those elements are explicitly called out during play. Watch here or embedded below:

13AgeLogoFull_small-300x300This week, Tales of the 13th Age GMs receive The Battle of Axis — an adventure that brings the first season of 13th Age organized play to a thundering conclusion!

The fact that 13th Age organized play exists at all is a minor miracle wrought by ASH LAW. Rob Heinsoo originally believed that 13th Age’s flexible and customizable approach made an OP program impossible, because OP relies heavily on everyone playing by the same set of rules. ASH proved that it could be done, and our free, play-anywhere-you-want program helped build word of mouth and was a critical part of the game’s early success.

Now we enter the next phase of organized play, with an approach that reflects where the game and its community of fans are today.

Tales of the 13th Age Concludes

With the Archmage’s Comet passing over the Dragon Empire and playing havoc with the Archmage’s wards, the Lich King has decided now is the time to strike and seize an ancient source of power! Battle of Axis drops this week, and the email to GMs will include a special offer for those who take 5 minutes to complete a quick survey.

The 13th Age Alliance Begins

13th Age Alliance black bkgrnd13th Age organized play is more than creating and delivering new content: it’s a community of GMs and players. That’s why, starting with the new season, the 13th Age Alliance will take its place among the Societies and Leagues of the roleplaying world.

(If you signed up for Tales, you are already in the Alliance — no need to complete a separate sign-up process.)

Signing up for organized play will continue to be free.

13th Age Alliance members will have access to all Season 1 adventures for free. We have other exclusive OP community stuff planned, but it’s too early to talk about those right now.

13th Age Alliance members will ALSO get the first three episodes of Season 2 for free. If you aren’t already familiar with our OP adventures, download the ENnie award nominated Archmage’s Orrery to get an idea of their quality.

The remaining ten Season 2 adventures will be bundled with 13th Age Monthly, and will be available exclusively to 13AM subscribers over the next year. We knew that we couldn’t repeat the Season 1 experience of giving away 70+ hours worth of official adventures for free, but we also didn’t want to charge for OP. Bundling the adventures with 13AM was the best solution, especially if we included a free option that would help take 13th Age OP to the next level.

Which brings us to…

FLGS Support

We want to encourage retailers to host organized play, so people can walk into their FLGS and see in person what 13th Age is all about. That’s why retailers who sign up to Bits and Mortar will have free access to 13th Age Monthly material for in-store use — including the new adventures. If you’re running OP at a game store and need the latest adventure, plus rules for summoning or dragon riding, just ask the owners.

Join Us At Gen Con!

We’re debuting the first Season 2 adventure at Gen Con Indy. Didn’t get in to one of our play sessions? We’re also doing a 13th Age organized play panel on Thursday, July 30 at 1 PM in Crowne Plaza, Pennsylvania Station B. Hearing me and ASH talk about organized play is almost as fun as playing, right?

Have questions in the meantime? Please leave a comment, or post to our Google+ or Facebook communities.

Tales-of-the-13th-Age-LogoComing Soon

ASH LAW reports that The Battle of Axis will be the next adventure in our Tales of the 13th Age organized play program. This epic-tier adventure features a multi-session battle against the undead in the very heart of the Dragon Empire!

Gen Con Play Events Sold Out

We submitted nearly 70 organized play events for Gen Con, and tickets for all of them have been snapped up. Which is partly great news, and partly a bummer if you weren’t able to get tickets. We’ve heard of at least one GM who’ll be set up in Games on Demand to run Pelgrane games, and we might get additional volunteer GMs to run more official slots for us.

Girl Scouts Demo 13th Age

A Girl Scout troop in Colorado is going to start hosting tabletop games demos in the meeting room at their local library, and 13th Age is one of them! The scouts will demo a different game each week to acquire badges, learn valuable business and life skills, and (of course) have fun. We sent them PDFs of our more kid-friendly adventures, and an organized play kit that included a copy of 13th Age, a t-shirt for the organizer, promotional flyers, pre-generated characters, printable minis and icon postcards.

Play 13th Age at DexCon 18

Andrew Heo is organizing a team of GMs to run a 13th Age track at DexCon 18. Here’s the planned schedule:

Thursday: Shadow Port Shuffle, Wyrd of the Wild Wood, Quest in the Cathedral

Friday: Fungaloid Infection, The Folding of Screamhaunt Castle, Tower of the Ogre Mage

Saturday: Wrath of the Orc Lord, The Elf Queen’s Enchantment, Domain of the Dwarf King

Sunday: Three Hearts Over Glitterhaegen, The Feast of Gold

Keep an eye on the DexCon website, where event signup should be open soon!

13A Dark Lanterns LightWatch Dark Lantern’s Light Online

Hey, did you know that we have a head of online organized play, and that you can watch his group (including Seattle radio personality Rev. En Fuego) play online? It’s true — watch Aaron R.’s 13th Age Eberron campaign Dark Lantern’s Light and follow it on Obsidian Portal.

Dungeons of DrakkenhallTales of the 13th Age is our free organized play program for the 13th Age roleplaying game. Each month’s adventure is designed so that GMs can customize it for their own group, but players can easily bring their characters to other Tales of the 13th Age events. Register here and embark on a world-spanning epic campaign across the Dragon Empire!

A classic dungeon crawl, 13th Age style! Any journey to Drakkenhall, the city of monsters, would be eventful enough. But when disaster strikes, you have an opportunity to infiltrate the personal vault of the Blue and steal her secrets. You’ll have to face cunning traps, horrific monsters and dragonic mother of all sorcery herself. Can you survive the Dungeons of Drakkenhall?

Dungeons of Drakkenhall is an 8-hour organized play adventure for 3-7 8th level characters, designed to be played in four weekly 2-hour sessions. It is the 12th icon-themed adventure in the Tales of the 13th Age series.


13th Age combines the best parts of traditional d20-rolling fantasy gaming with new story-focused rules, designed so you can run the kind of game you most want to play with your group. Created by Rob Heinsoo and Jonathan Tweet, 13th Age gives you all the tools you need to make unique characters who are immediately embedded in the setting in important ways; quickly prepare adventures based on the PCs’ backgrounds and goals; create your own monsters; fight exciting battles; and focus on what’s always been cool and fun about fantasy adventure gaming. Purchase 13th Age in print and PDF at the Pelgrane Shop.

OPThe Archmage’s Orrery has won the silver ENnie for Best Free Product. Download it here.

Tales of the 13th Age is our free organized play program for the 13th Age roleplaying game. Each month’s adventure is designed so that GMs can customize it for their own group, but players can easily bring their characters to other Tales of the 13th Age events. Register here and embark on a world-spanning epic campaign across the Dragon Empire!

For centuries, the Mystic Orrery has accurately predicted celestial events and their effect on magic. But its predictions are becoming increasingly erratic, and it turns out that an Archmage of a previous age removed some parts and hid them away from her successors. Now the whole Dragon Empire is at risk as the rules of magic begin to fluctuate. Powerful wards keep the Archmage himself from retrieving the needed parts — but those wards don’t account for people like you.

The Archmage’s Orrery is an 8-hour organized play adventure for 3-7 8th level characters, designed to be played in four weekly 2-hour sessions. It is the 11th icon-themed adventure in the Tales of the 13th Age series.

13th Age answers the question, “What if Rob Heinsoo and Jonathan Tweet, lead designers of the 3rd and 4th editions of the World’s Oldest RPG, had free rein to make the d20-rolling game they most wanted to play?” Create truly unique characters with rich backgrounds, prepare adventures in minutes, easily build your own custom monsters, and enjoy fast, freewheeling battles full of unexpected twists. Purchase 13th Age in print and PDF at the Pelgrane Shop.

13th Age at Origins 2014Many thanks to our GM team and all the players who attended our games at Origins this year. We sold out of all of our games, and even squeezed in some walk-ups in the scheduled games. Kendall Jung did an amazing job of managing our play events at the show. Onward to Gen Con!

Free RPG Day

Make Your Own Luck, Gareth Ryder-Hanrahan’s prequel to the upcoming Eyes of the Stone Thief campaign, is our contribution to this year’s Free RPG Day — you can get it on Saturday, June 21 at your nearest participating game retailer. We’ve heard that some stores are giving GMs their copies in advance so they can run the adventure on the day of release, so you might want to ring up your local store and see if they’ve scheduled a play event.

(Because some folks have asked: Free RPG Day is a retailer-sponsored event created to support game stores, so we’re not giving away PDF copies of the game.)

Make Your Own Luck: Live Play Crossover Event!

In much the same way that Nick Fury assembled the Avengers, for Free RPG Day we’ve assembled a team of players to play Make Your Own Luck via Google Hangout and Roll20 on Saturday, June 21st at 3:00 PM EST / noon Pacific:

Join us live on Aaron’s YouTube channel on Saturday, and watch the mayhem unfold.

Upcoming Adventures

Domain of the Dwarf King will go live soon. At Rob Heinsoo’s request it features a dwarf centipede. (I guess I know what Dutch horror movie Rob watched last night.)

Domain of the Dwarf King concludes the Orc War trilogy, and will see the final defeat of General Gul. Or not — that’s up to the adventurers.

The next big Organized Play installment after Domain of the Dwarf King is the first of our champion-tier games: Escape from the Diabolist’s Dungeon!

State of Play

We’e now up to 1186 GMs running Tales of the 13th Age worldwide, on every continent except Antarctica. If you know anybody in an Antarctic research station who wants a copy of 13th Age let us know!

13th Age Dragon RiderWelcome to Pelgrane Press’ free organized play program for 13th Age RPG. You can play it anywhere you like: at home, your local game store, the neighborhood tavern…wherever. 

Each game of 13th Age is different, because the One Unique Things and backgrounds of the characters in separate groups will be different. These rules give players the ability to help to define the world: there is no standard, universal Dragon Empire.

13th Age Organized Play lets players enjoy 13th Age games with a continuity of story that still leaves room for the freedom and flexibility that sets 13th Age apart.

Create or log in to your Pelgrane Press Bookshelf  to get Season One and the first three episodes of Season Two FREE under the Organized Play tab. You’ll experience an world-spanning epic that you can play as an ongoing campaign, or as standalone adventures.

Subscribe to 13th Age Monthly to get all of Season Two.

Season One

  • 2nd Level
    • Crown of the Lich King
    • Wyrd of the Wild Wood
    • Quest in the Cathedral
    • Shadow Port Shuffle
  • 4th Level
    • Wrath of the Orc Lord
    • Elf Queen’s Enchantment
    • Domain of the Dwarf King
  • 6th Level
    • Escape from the Diabolist’s Dungeon
    • The Crusader’s Fist
    • The Wyrm’s Tale
  • 8th Level
    • The Archmage’s Orrery
    • The Dungeons of Drakkenhall
    • Battle for Axis

PLUS, shorter 3rd and 5th Level adventures including:

  • Fungaloid Infection
  • Folding of Screamhaunt Castle
  • Tower of the Ogre Mage
  • Three Hearts Over Glitterhaegen
  • Omenquest

Season Two: the Star-Mask Saga

Race to Starport (Levels 1-4)

Silver ENnie award winner for Best Free Product! The player characters face strange beings banished to the stars in a previous age, and must race to stop a portal being created that will bring more monsters into the Dragon Empire. Race to Starport consists of six two-hour sessions (12 hours total run time) for characters of levels 1 to 4.

  • Race to Starport

Into the Underworld (Levels 1-4)

The player characters descend into the shadowy realm below the Dragon Empire to investigate a fallen meteorite, and retrieve an object from it. But first they must face new enemies (including shark-bats!) as well as some familiar foes with new twists. Along the way they will encounter gods, strange subterranean seas, and the ever-present threat from the star-masks.

  • Into the Underworld Part 1
  • Into the Underworld Part 2
  • Into the Underworld Part 3
  • Into the Underworld Part 4

IronFire (Levels 5-6)

For months, strange meteorites have rained down on the Dragon Empire, bringing strange creatures known as star-masks: parasites that latch onto the faces of other beings and take over their minds and bodies. Now the Dwarf King has announced that he’s retrieved an intact meteorite and is willing to sell it to the highest bidder. Whoever uncovers the secrets of the star-masks will gain great power, so every icon has sent a delegation to bid for the meteorite—and your party is one of them.

  • IronFire Part 1
  • IronFire Part 2

Tides of Fate (Levels 7-8)

The Dragon Empire is under attack by strange monsters that fall from the stars. But if the legends are true, there’s a chance to take the fight to the enemy! The magical ship Ostulti, created in the age of the Wizard King, is a flying fortress that can ascend to the highest heavens. With it, one could reach the dungeon planet where the star-masks dwell. The only problem is that the Ostulti was lost when the Wizard King fell. Can the adventurers find it?

  • Tides of Fate Part 1
  • Tides of Fate Part 2

Dungeon Moon (Levels 9-10)

The thrilling conclusion to the Star Mask Saga! Fly into the overworld to take the fight to the home of the star masks, and kill their moon. It’s time to kick some mask. Dungeon Moon consists of four two-hour sessions (12 hours total run time) for characters of levels 9 to 10.

  • Dungeon Moon

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13thAgeAlliance_OnBlack-300x159Knowing that organized play brings together people with different expectations and styles of play at the table, how do we ensure that everyone has fun? Designing fun-optimized materials is obviously a big part of that, but so is setting ground rules and expectations for the event.

The 13th Age Organized Play Anti-Harassment Policy (PDF) includes:

  • The 5 principles of 13th Age organized play
  • What to do if you’re being harassed at a 13th Age event
  • What happens to the harasser?
  • GM guidelines on how to implement and enforce the policy

Many thanks to Anna Kreider (Thou Art But a WarriorGo Make Me a Sandwich) for helping us draft this policy, and for providing valuable feedback and reality checks at every step. This policy looks to the example of other convention and game company anti-harassment policies, most notably OH Nerd, CONvergence, KristaCon, Nerd NYC, Geek Feminism and Privateer Press.