Castle Bravo, Bill White’s PDF Atomic Age adventure for Trail of Cthulhu is out now from the Pelgrane Press store.

Skulduggery is available on pre-order – get the PDF now, and the printed version when it ships 1st July.

Jérome has nearly finished laying out Skulduggery, and it will be available for pre-order soon. Here is an illustration for Martial Arts.

Here is a component card from Yes, Wing, the political setting.card

Thanks very much for the feedback on the previous cover. We have a new one, posted with some trepidation:


One of the settings for Skulduggery is Yes Wing. The PCs are cabinet secretaries or other high officials in the administration of recently elected US President Allard Bierce. Here, Hilary Wade illustrates one of the characters:


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Six scruvy dogs from Jérome for the pirate setting for Skulduggery. Every one of the settings will have a character card illustrated by Jérome – I can imagine roleplaying these ones already – perhaps that crusty old sea dog.

Who would you choose?


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