We’ve added a method by which you can get all your order links resent to you, which you can then use to redownload the PDFs of your past orders.

Why not try it out, here?

If you order PDFs from our store, we want you to be able to redownload your order without worrying about hard drive failures or new computers.

So, all PDFs purchased from Pelgrane will be available for redownload for at least ten years from purchase, although it’s our intention for this to continue indefinitely. You can download the most up-to-date PDF from your Pelgrane Press bookshelf. Placing an order does not make a bookshelf – you will need to register here first. All orders placed with that email address will be available to add on the “Orders” tab. If we update the PDF, we update the link on this Downloads page. If you’re missing any downloads, email us and we’ll set you up.

We will supply PDFs free to any customers of bricks and mortar stores with proof of purchase.  If your store is a member of the Bits and Mortar program, they can supply you with the PDF free for any of our products. If they are not, please email us at support@pelgranepress.com with a proof of purchase and we’ll add the PDF to your bookshelf (you will need to register here first, if you haven’t already). For online discounters such as Amazon, we offer a 50% discount voucher off the cost of the PDF.