The following article for the Dying Earth RPG originally appeared on in November 2005.

Push aside the detritus to see the shiny gew-gaws horded by the Pelgrane

I have two things to announce, one horrifying, the other edifying.

For your edification, we have relaunched the webstore after its long hiatus. Rather than leave you at the mercy of unreliable sandestins, we’ve come to an arrangement with our sister company, ProFantasy Software Ltd. Their minions have been working for over a decade processing multiple mail orders every day, and will deal with Pelgrane orders with barely a mumble of protest and with their customary efficiency.

If you buy any of our older books, you’ll find that you can get the PDF within minutes of your order. The link will be presented on your receipt.

We also are proud to launch the Book of Unremitting Horror, full of creatures which would grace the snopes urban legend site. The disturbing content contrasts admirably with the quality of the layout. There is already a short review , and one commentator suggests that it “puts the V in vile.” Persons of quality will buy it forthwith.

XPS 7/8 (now collected in the Excellent Prismatic Spray) is progressing, and Jim Webster has agreed to field any and all questions on the topic after I threatened him with desanguination. We would also appreciate any letters to the editor, either in or out of character.

Finally, I must report on a complex development. The Gazetteer and Bestiary are to be rolled into a larger work – The Dying Earth Cyclopedia (ed: now called the Compendium of Universal Knowledge). Edited by David Thomas it will be our largest work, and our most impressive.

The Dying Earth — and its rules-lighter version the Revivification Folio — take you into the world of master fantasist Jack Vance, where a flashing sword is less important than nimble wits, persuasive words,and a fine sense of fashion. Survive by your cunning, search for lost lore, or command the omnipotent but quarrelsome sandestins. Purchase The Dying Earth or the Revivification Folio in print and PDF at the Pelgrane Shop.

ScaumCoverA source book for the Dying Earth RPG

Welcome to the finest river valley in gaming! From the Maurenron Mountains to Sanreale Bay, the valley is thick with ancient forests, picturesque ruins and somber tombs. It is alive with vibrant towns and glittering palaces. It teems with eerie creatures, exhilarating predators and glittering palaces.
Complete with frightful curses, new spells, creatures and magic items, the Scaum contains sufficient material (locales, characters and adventure outlines) for many months of exceptional gaming. Suitable for any level of play from Rogue to Arch-Magician.

  • Exotic Vistas…
  • Outlandish inhabitants…
  • Vibrant dangers and curses…
  • Limitless adventure!
  • Aeons to erode – yours for a pittance!

Suitable for any level of play from Rogue to Arch-Magician. In development from the moment DERPG was conceived! The magnificent map is also available.

Related Free Downloads:
A section of the index (A worthwhile download, including a list of items, establishments, spells & curses!)
A pdf excerpt from the SVG: ‘The Valley of the Graven Tombs
Axomber’s Crypt: a downloadable adventure in the Valley of Graven Tombs, plus Azenomei to Kaiin journey notes (from the original Footsteps of Fools prototype series).
The Royal Cartographers: A Comprehensive Guide to Using the SVG as a connected campaign.

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Stock #: PEL006 Author: Jim Webster and David Thomas
Artist: Sarah Wroot and Greg Staples Pages: 176pp Perfect Bound




A fine selection of Dying Earth maps for game enhancement, all by the magnificent Sarah Wroot

You know, there’s just something about a good quality map: the GM places it onto the table and instantly everyone has a feel for where they are in the larger scheme of things. A great map not only enhances the atmosphere, but also hugely assists the GM in creating a believable game world. Plus a map provokes visual curiosity in the Players. And can even inspire entire scenarios! (See below.)

The Dying Earth map (see above) is a full color map of the the known world, shipped to you in a sturdy card tube. Based on an original map by the estimable Steve Dempsey, it underwent multiple revisions by our dedicated staff until it reached its current state of perfection. The printed area is 34.5cm x 23cm. Delivered in a sturdy tube.


An attractive map of the Scaum Valley Region is an invaluable companion for the Scaum Valley Gazetteer and a piece of art in its own right. As it appears before them, watch your Players gaze with wonder as if seeing the land laid out below them from a great height. (Hopefully as they pass above it in a magical palace, or at least an enchanted floating bed, rather than as they are plummeting to their doom!) Its visual richness was directly responsible for the scenario framework: The Royal Cartographers.


The Kaiin map is a limited edition full color map of the white-walled city, signed by the arist and shipped to you in a sturdy card tube. It was based on the original map Robin D Laws used for his excellent Kaiin Player’s Guide. And it inspired the fan-scenario The Exasperating Cadaver, which has PCs harried all over the city. The printed area is 11.5 inches x 12 inches, 32 x 27.5cm. Delivered in a sturdy tube.


The discerning may wish to purchase all of the attractive maps: the Scaum Valley, Kaiin and the entire Dying Earth. See the map descriptions and images above for more details.


Click here: for a complete listing of all DERPG products, and links to their individual pages.

Stock #: various Author: Sarah Wroot
Artist: Sarah Wroot Pages: single-piece

Status: Out of Print