To celebrate the birth of the great H P Lovecraft, Pelgrane Press is offering 20% off all Trail of Cthulhu titles on RPGNow for a week from Monday 20th August. The whole line of Trail of Cthulhu products will be included in the sale, from the core book to the most recent PDF release, The Book of the Smoke.

Pelgrane Press 20% Off Sale!

Ashen Stars is now available to buy and download from RPGNow. Go get your copy!

Cthulhu Apocalypse: The Dead White World is now available on RPGNow.

Not So Quiet, Adam Gauntlett’s new adventure for Trail of Cthulhu set in the Great War is now available on RPGNow!

Pakistan Bundle Earlier this year Pakistan was hit with devastating floods, leaving thousands dead and millions homeless. The folks at RPGNow have put together a bundle of some of the top products currently available to raise some much needed help for those affected. The last fundraiser RPGNow put together for Haiti was a huge success so we hope that will be repeated.

Several publishers have donated items to the bundle and $25 will get you over $700’s worth of RPG products, including Fear Itself from Pelgrane Press.

More information on the Pakistan floods and Doctors Without Borders.

The bundle is available under the 25th October and has so far raised over $20,000.