A review of Rough Magicks by committed hero on rpg.net who awarded us 9/10 – good marks from a tough reviewer.

A short but useful way to refine the theory and practice of magic in a Trail of Cthulhu campaign.



There is a review of Rough Magicks on Gaming Brouhaha.

Rough Magicks is an invaluable resource for anyone interested in expanding the role of magic plays in their game…I would thoroughly recommend Rough Magicks and look forward to reading more of the recent supplements Pelgrane has released for the game.

After a herculean struggle with the delivery company, the Trail of Cthulhu Greatest Covers Posters have arrived! The initial orders have gone out and we’re pleased to say that the three A2 posters look fantastic. Jerome’s amazing artwork is shown in all its horrific, ENnie-award-nominated glory. These posters are a limited edition print run, we only have a few sets left so get them while you can!

The 3-cover poster set includes Arkham Detective Tales, Trail of Cthulhu and Rough Magicks.


Lowell Francis over at RPGGeek has been busy reviewing even more GUMSHOE products. This time, Rough Magicks has been under his scrutiny, with great results. You can read the full review here.

Rough Magicks isn’t just a book of spells, nor is it just a variant magic system for Trail of Cthulhu. It provides both of those things, but it also provides a host of new ideas about magic. And once again… Pelgrane provides excellent layout and graphic design. There’s an illustration featuring homemade mirror-shades that will haunt me for some time. It is an interesting read, providing excellent non-mechanical source material.

The ENnies polling booth is now open, and we ask that you consider us when placing your votes. For Best Cover Art, we have Jerome’s Rough Magicks cover, and for Best Adventure, The Armitage Files.

You can read reviews of Armitage Files here.

and here is Jerome’s cover in all its glory:

A detail:

EnnieThe ENnie award nominations are in. Armitage Files has been nominated for best adventure, with Shadows over Filmland taking an honourable mention. And Jérome gets a richly deserved nod for his cover artwork on Rough Magicks. Last July in Page XX, Jérome let us into the secrets of his photomontage technique in creating this amazing piece of art.

I didn’t enter the books into specific categories, so I am not sure how they made their choices. Perhaps I should have placed Shadows more carefully (perhaps Best Setting, or Best Art , Interior)

Due to my cock-up over release dates, Mutant City Blues didn’t get the chance to be nominated this year or last.

Brennan Taylor gets a Best Writing nomination for How We Came to Live Here, a game which I had feared would slip under the radar. This will give it a much needed boost.

Jason Morningstar, who wrote The Black Drop for Pelgrane has demonstrated himself to be multi-talented with an art nomination for Escape from Tentacle City.

Cublicle 7 is festooned with nominations, including an amazing four for Best Product, and I tip them for a silver or gold in Best Product for Doctor Who, though they might have to wrangle their potential voters a little if they are feeling mercenary.

At this point it becomes a popularity contest, so the big publishers will probably take the metal, but it’s very pleasing to be nominated.

Dan Harms reviews Rough Magicks.