We’ve wanted to do ePub versions for a while now, and the lucky Night’s Black Agents pre-orderers now have the ePub included with their bundle. We are awaiting feedback from pre-orderers, as there will no doubt be teething problems, but it should get easier in future.

Next up for the treatment will be the Esoterrorists Enhanced Edition and it’s our intention to do all core books. Whether we have to charge extra, I haven’t yet decided, but for Night’s Black Agents’ pre-orderers at least, it’s an unexpected cost-free bonus.




We’ve added a new download link to all Night’s Black Agents REDACTED edition orders. All pre-orderers can follow the link in their receipt and download the new Agent’s Dossier which contains some useful goodies including a Conspyramid Template, a NBA refresh cheat sheet and a fantastic character sheet booklet with everything you need to build an agent. Now, you get the first part of our adventure the Zalozhniy Quartet and the epub version, too.

Kenneth Hite will sign all the copies, too!

If you haven’t yet got your hands on the NBA pre-order, you can order it direct from our shop.


The REDACTED Edition is no longer available but the standard Edition, which does not include the extras below, is now available to buy in the store.

The Ashen Stars Stellar Nursery edition was a great success – enabling us to do a full colour offset print run, and ensuring we could make the final book attractive and reasonably priced. We want to do the same for Night’s Black Agents. It’s about the same length as Ashen Stars, and will be full colour. The price is $45.95 / £29.95

If you purchase the Night’s Black Agent’s REDACTED edition, you get:

  • [NEW] Now includes the epub version for use with mobile readers.
  • [NEW] All copies will be signed by Kenneth Hite
  • The post-playtest draft in rough layout, ready to play now
  • Extras including cheat sheets and other resources
  • The first adventure from The Zalozhniy Quartet – Gareth Hanrahan’s and Ken Hite’s campaign for Night’s Black Agents, in January
  • The final PDF when it’s ready
  • Your  name in the credits
  • The final printed version
  • First refusal on the Limited Edition (though not an upgrade)

We expect the final printed version to be out in August, but we can’t guarantee it.

Reviews of the pre-order version.

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Lowell Francis has written a review of the Night’s Black Agents

This is my new favorite GUMSHOE game and one of the best espionage game sourcebooks I’ve read.

Our first review of Night’s Black Agents, by Rick Neal.

If you like scary vampires, if you like espionage games, if you’re looking for a dark, modern game of horror investigation, I heartily recommend you pick up this book