The following adventure for The Dying Earth RPG originally appeared on in January 2005.

This short scenario seed by Steve Dempsey can be dropped into any ongoing Dying Earth campaign.

The adventurers are on the road traveling to their next destination. It is getting late and night is drawing in. As they near their they spot a lone tree from which hangs a gruesome bundle: the half-rotted remains of what may have once been a man. As the characters approach, birds of carrion flap their great wings and fly off in a raucous cacophony. The darkened sun is setting and the long shadow of the hanged man falls across one of the PCs. As it does so, a great dark patch passes portentously over the face of the sun, plunging all into near darkness. It is this shadow that triggers the events that will eventually come to pass…

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Sample pages from the Occult Guide by Paula Dempsey. This is a companion book to Bookhounds of London, a murder mystery, an essential reference for any 1930s London game and a great read in its own right.

Sample pages from Bookhounds of London, a campaign frame for Trail of Cthulhu by Kenneth Hite.


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