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We’ve printed 100 limited editions in all, and we are releasing them now for Hatchling Edition pre-orderers only. The books are faux black leather with gold foil. Each one includes a numbered book plate signed by Rob Heinsoo for you to add to the book. They will also include a limited edition A5 print of everyone’s favourite baby owlbear facing off a bronze golem.


We are not offering an upgrade version to existing Bestiary customers.

The book retails at $80 / £50 plus shipping.

All the Ashen Stars Stellar Nursery editions have gone out. Here are the last few:

The limited edition is awaiting these tokens, which we should have by the end of the month. Other limited editions are available through the Game Preview Event in selected stores.


Bet you wish your limited edition was hot like mine.


The Bookhounds of London Limited Edition is now SOLD OUT.

What does The Limited Edition Include?

Bookhounds Photo
The limited edition will include:

  • A limited edition faux leather bound, gold-embossed copy of Bookhounds of London, signed by Kenneth Hite with a Lovecraftian word added in his fair hand. The full list of 110 words will be published after the books are released.
  • A limited edition of Augustus Darcy’s Occult Guide (Liber Fumo de Frater Viglio)  presented as an in world-artifact, hardbound, cloth covered, numbered, gold embossed with an exclusive dust cover. To the extent we can, we have left no trace of its modern origins. You get the PDF of the Occult Guide now with your order.
  • Genuine 1930s ephemera selected from by Steve and Paula Dempsey (contributor and Occult Guide writer respectively), divided as evenly as possible between each limited edition. While some people will do better than others we think no one will be disappointed.
  • A unique clue to the death of Augustus Darcy.
  • All this presented in Augustus Darcy’s olive green haversack, protected by a mystic sigil.


The price is $150 / £100 plus tracked and insured shipping.

A bit more information on the Bookhounds Limited Edition. Ken has signed each one of the leatherbound volumes and added a Lovecraftian word. We’ll assign these at random, with a ten reserved for contributors, staff and charity auctions. Beth, for example, has taken the shoggoth.

My plan at the moment is the offer the limited edition combined with a hardback Occult Guide, some 30s ephemera and a suitable container. Every copy will include a section of an annotated map with clues to the murder of Augustus Darcy, and we are hoping that people will scan them and put them all together.

I’ll email all Bookhounds pre-orderers for a chance to buy an upgrade to their pre-order, or get a copy to supplement their standard edition.

I haven’t emailed yet! Emails will be going out end of next week, though the limited edition packages themselves will not ship for a while after.

Graham Walmsley has signed and numbered all the limited edition Purist adventures. But Graham is a hands-on guy, as they say across the Pond. Here he is posting your set of limited edition Purist adventures. Next time, a lucky customer may receive a hand delivery.


purist collection cover small

This Product is now Out of Print

Gathered together for the first time in this Special Edition bundle are Signed & Numbered Limited editions of The Dying of St Margaret’s, The Watchers in the Sky, and the brand new monstrous adventure, The Dance in the Blood. Signed, numbered and designed by the author, Graham Walmsley, these are truly a collectors item.

The bundle includes all three of the authors bone-chilling Purist scenarios,  only for the most stalwart and, some may even say, foolhardy, of Investigators:

  • The Dance in the BloodIn a forgotten corner of Northern England, between the rolling hills  and tranquil dales nestles a village plagued by terrible secrets and  subterranean horrors.
  • The Watchers in the Sky A madman feeds the birds, paranoid they are watching him. Later, the same strange birds stare from the rooftops, warping the laws of physics and chemistry. And, when the Investigators dissect one of the creatures, they find something monstrous inside.
  • The Dying of St Margaret’s On the remote Scottish island of St Margaret’s, Investigators take jobs at an all-girls private school. Each is searching for an acquaintance who disappeared from the school.  But what they discover will drive them to the edge of insanity.

This bundle of three adventures is limited to only 50 Signed & Numbered copies, including PDFs of each limited edition plus PDFs of the original releases, and is available exclusively through Pelgrane Press.

Stock #: PELGB4     Author: Graham Walmsley
Edition: Signed & Numbered Limited Editions + PDFs
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