If you could use Pelgrane Press artwork, settings, and original characters for original, fan-made materials, what would you create?

If you could create your own GUMSHOE game, 13th Age compatible supplement or game powered by the system which powers the 13th Age what would you do?

This article doesn’t answer those questions – but it does address how you can!

Create Non-Commercial Content

What Esoterror investigations would you have the Ordo Veritatis send player characters on? What crimes would challenge the mutant detectives in your webcomic about the Heightened Crimes Investigation Unit? What cool smartphone lock screen would you design for agents of TimeWatch, or the vampire hunters in Night’s Black Agents? What would your custom 13th Age Character class look like?

Let’s find out!

With the Pelgrane Press Ltd Community Use Policy, our community can use our artwork and game world elements in free, fan-created adventure campaigns, wikis, fan fiction, and so on.

A few important notes, though:

  • Professional publishers are not allowed to use this content.
  • This policy applies to every Pelgrane Press product except the 13th Age product line—that game has its own policy over at Fire Opal Games’ website.
  • If you want to design playable GUMSHOE-compatible materials, you’ll also need to follow the Open GUMSHOE terms in either the Open Game License or Creative Commons License. Read more here.

Make Your Own GUMSHOE, 13th Age and DramaSystem Games

You can create your own GUMSHOE game not based on Pelgrane Press intellectual property and sell them or give them away. In fact, it’s already been done.

For the GUMSHOE system there’s Bubblegumshoe – the game of teen detectives, Harlem Unbound, a Mythos RPG set in 1920s NYC and for Ars Magic Tales of the Quaesitors. For DramaSystem there’s Malandros in which you play characters in a tight-knit community in the final year of the Empire of Brazil. There are a whole bunch of supplements for 13th Age including the Kobold Press range such as the Midgard Bestiary.

  • GUMSHOE is available under two licenses – choose the one which suits you. There is a cut down rules summary (SRD) which you can use to form the basis of your game. More information and links to the SRD can be found here here.
  • DramaSystem is available under two licenses. There is a cut down rules summary (SRD) which you can use to form the basis of your game.More information and links to the SRD can be found here.
  • archmageengine-v3_RGB_22513th Age has two licenses, one stricter than the other. There is an overview here. The stricter 13th Age Compatibility license allows professional publishers to use our Open Content to create commercial products compatible with the 13th Age Roleplaying Game and to put our 13th Age Compatible logo on them.
  • The 13th Age Archmage Engine license allows professional publishers to use our Open Content to create commercial products and to put our “Archmage Engine” logo on them. The difference is that your product does not have to strictly rely on the 13th Age Roleplaying Game.

So now, go create!

RetroPunk Publicações Ltda, a brand new Brazilian RPG outfit will be producing GUMSHOE system games in Portuguese. The owners are keen GUMSHOE players. They’ll be starting with Trail of  Cthulhu, have the option to produce other GUMSHOE system games and will even be publishing original material.

We now have licensees in French, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese, and I’m very fortunate that the books are all of a high standard, and their reports are on time.  From what I’ve seen, RetroPunk will keep up this tradition.

Pelgrane Press Ltd, the roleplaying game publisher, and Smite Works, the virtual tabletop developer, announced today that the Trail of Cthulhu roleplaying game ruleset will be released for use the Fantasy Grounds virtual online gaming table.

Said Doug Davison, president of SmiteWorks “We are very fortunate for the opportunity to work with Pelgrane Press.  It is fantastic to see their GUMSHOE system getting converted over for play in Fantasy Grounds.  It opens up a whole new set of role-play options with Trail of Cthulhu leading the way and their other GUMSHOE systems to follow.”

Simon Rogers, managing director of Pelgrane Press, said “I’m very impressed with Fantasy Grounds and the rulesets and advetnures which SmiteWorks has created for their partners. I am pleased that our customers will be able to enjoy playing our GUMSHOE games remotely, in an enviroment which fully supports the rules and aesthetics of our products.”

About Pelgrane Press Ltd
Pelgrane Press is an award-winning publisher of rolepalying games, including innovative Dying Earth RPG based on the works of Jack Vance, and the GUMSHOE investigative ruleset which is the basis of Trail of Cthulhu, Esoterrorists and Mutant City Blues. Find out more at our website.

About SmiteWorks
SmiteWorks USA, LLC is best known for producing the Fantasy Grounds II virtual tabletop application. There are currently more than 17,000 active licenses sold for Fantasy Grounds and there is a vibrant and active community at www.fantasygrounds.com . The Fantasy Grounds program provides a basic online role-playing framework, with both commercial and fan-made rulesets specific to a number of different role-playing games.

Check out the Fantasy Grounds website for more information.