The following articles originally appeared on an earlier iteration of See Page XX in September 2008.

Robin D Laws discusses the nature of believability in RPGs, and we present not one, but three interviews from Luke Crane. This month also sees the launch of a flurry of new products, including a Keeper’s Screen, and James Semple’s first Pelgrane release – music for Trail of Cthulhu. The sleeve notes are here for your edification. Finally, Jason Durrall has provided a summary of character creation guidelines for Trail of Cthulhu. Perhaps this is gilding the lily, but who I am to begrudge our customers golden petals?


The following three interviews originally appeared in an earlier iteration of See Page XX in September 2008.

Three interviews in one issue – how fantastically cool is that? (As an aside, Luke told me that he wouldn’t send me the next batch if I didn’t release these ones soon. So expect a few more shortly).

Luke Crane and Jared Sorensen

Luke Crane talks to Jared Sorensen, designer of games including InSpectres, octaNe, and Lacuna Part I. Jared is notable enough to have a wikipedia entry but not so famous that this entry isn’t up for deletion for lack of notability. Jared’s desire to tinker with his games extends to his prices and even his distribution model.

Luke Crane and Paul Czege

Luke Crane talks to the creator of roleplaying games including My Life With Master and Acts of Evil. He is responsible for introducing the word “deprotagonization” to our beautiful language.

Luke Crane and Paul Tevis

Luke and Paul discuss the demise of Paul’s full length podcasts Have Games Will Travel. Paul offers useful podcasting and reviewing advice.