Pookie over at Reviews from R’lyeh has written a detailed and positive review of Adam Gauntlett’s 1760s scenario, Hell Fire. You can read the full review here.

Hell Fire does a good job of bringing Lovecraftian investigation to an interesting period of history, whilst the period itself brings a sense of Hogarthian horror to Lovecraftian investigation.

Kakfa reviews the Trail of Cthulhu adventure Hell Fire by Adam Gauntlett. (8/10)

…in the hands of a skilled Keeper this adventure would be truly fantastic.

Hell Fire

In the smog and grime of 18th century London, a great evil stirs…

In the seedy underclass of the city a plague is taking hold. Its victims are under the sway of something far worse than they can imagine, an entity of disgusting power bent on engulfing the world in disease and death.

The Investigators are members of the exclusive, but publicly reviled Hell Fire Club. One of the Club’s most trusted members is involved in a Breach of Promise suit. But when he vanishes and the woman is found dead, outsiders start to make inquiries; Club secrets could be revealed. If this happens, Club members would be socially ruined. The Investigators must discover the truth of their Brother’s disappearance and who – or what – killed his alleged paramour.

This trail will take the protagonists into the heart of the disease-ridden underbelly of London society, through a globe-spanning conspiracy and eventually, to the Colonies in a race against time to save the Americas from sharing the same fate as their Brother.

Hell Fire is a Trail of Cthulhu scenario from Adam Gauntlett (Not So Quiet, RMS Titantic: The Millionaire’s Special, Flying Coffins). Set in the late 1700s, it harnesses the tense politic situation of the time and infuses it with mythos horror. A must-have addition to any Keeper’s library.

Hell Fire has now been published alongside The Repairer of Reputations, Flying Coffins, Many Fires, and RMS Titantic: The Millionaire’s Special, in the Out of Space anthology, available now in our webstore.

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Brand new scenario from Adam Gauntlett (Not So Quiet) set in 18th Century London, with a side trip to the Colonies. The exact date is unspecified, but is assumed to be sometime from 1760 to 1770.

The protagonists are members of the exclusive Hell Fire Club, with an interest in fine (pornographic) literature and rational debate. God is dead, and Man may prosper. One of the Club’s most trusted members is involved in a Breach of Promise suit but before the case can be heard, he vanishes and the woman is found dead. Inquiries are being made; Club secrets are on the verge of being revealed. If that happens, the Club members, and the protagonists, could be ruined. Where has their Brother gone? Who – or what – killed his alleged paramour?

The deadline for playtests is on or around the 20th May. If you’re interested, please email me with ‘Hell Fire Playtest’ in the subject line, stating where you heard about the playtest and if you’ve playtested for us before.