Silver ENnie Winner 2016The Dragon Empire faces a terrifying threat from the skies in this FREE ENnie award winning 13th Age adventure by ASH LAW.

Fantasy adventure meets cosmic horror in the 13th Age Roleplaying Game, as the adventurers face strange beings banished to the stars in a previous age! Can they stop the creation of a portal that will bring more monsters from the stars into the Dragon Empire?

Race to Starport consists of six two-hour sessions (12 hours total run time) for characters of levels 1 to 4. There are two ways to get this free adventure:

star-thingMonster Preview: Star Things


Deviant, malevolent, octopus-like flying monsters from a dimension where space obeys different geometry. No one understands their language, but everyone can understand their squeals of glee when they kill and feed.

3rd level wrecker [ABERRATION]

Initiative: +8

Ripping tentacles +8 vs. AC—10 damage

Natural even hit: If the target is taking ongoing psychic damage, the attack deals +2d6 damage.

[Group ability] R: Warp-pulse +8 vs. PD (1d3 enemies in a group)—5 ongoing psychic damage

Natural 16–18: While the target is taking the ongoing psychic damage, it is dazed (–4 attacks).

Natural 19–20: While the target is taking the ongoing psychic damage, it is confused instead of dazed.

Group ability: For every two star things in the battle (round up), one of them can use warp-pulse once during the battle.

Limited flight: Star things flap and glide and hover, always within seven or eight feet of the ground. No one knows how that works.

AC 16

PD 12         HP 54

MD 15

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