The nominations for the 2019 ENnie Awards have been released, and we’re delighted to announce that Pelgrane Press has been nominated in four categories:

Beloved Pelgranistas Ken & Robin have also been nominated in the Best Podcast category, for Ken and Robin Talk About Stuff.

Congratulations to all the nominees! It really is a privilege to be recognised among such an outstanding – and this year in particular, wide variety – of games.

We’d be honoured if you would consider voting for us. Click on this link to vote for your favourites! Voting for the 2019 ENnies will be open until July 21st.

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May you live in interesting times, goes the alleged Chinese curse; and it’s hard to think of more interesting times than the UK is currently experiencing. Many friends of the Nest have expressed concern about what Britain’s vote to exit the EU means for Pelgrane Press (and more importantly, their Dracula Dossier campaigns); Simon and Gareth tackle both issues in this month’s articles, below. Speaking of which, the Dracula Dossier is one of they many fine Pelgrane products which been nominated for some ENnies – vote here! For those of you who didn’t back the Kickstarter and want to know what all the fuss is about, this month sees the release of the remaining Dracula Dossier books, available either singly or as a discounted bundle. And continuing this month’s vampire theme, the latest edition of 13th Age MonthlyTemple of the Sun Cabal, sends the PCs to rescue a vampire from a neighbouring sun cult.

New Releases

      • The Edom Field Manual – This supplement for the Dracula Dossier describes Edom’s history, methods, and tradecraft, initiating you into the innermost secrets of the British vampire program.
      • The Edom FilesEight desperate missions against the Un-Dead of the Dracula Dossier take you from the mountains of Bulgaria to the streets of Berlin; from the Russo-Turkish war to the War on Terror, and from 1877 to the present day.
      • The Thrill of Dracula – Kenneth Hite takes apart Dracula into his component pieces, and shows you how to build new, yet mythic, stories about the King of the Vampires for your  Dracula Dossier or other horror game
      • Temple of the Sun Cabal – To save the world, you have to save a vampire – from the not-so-friendly neighborhood sun cult. A one-shot adventure by Wade Rockett is the latest edition of 13th Age Monthly.


13th Age

Resource Page Updates – Trail of Cthulhu

      • The RPGGeek GUMSHOE competition-winning Purist adventure, The Keepers of the Woods by Frederick Foulds, is available to download now.
      • An updated Enchiridion of Elucidation, a guidebook for both players and Keepers, with advice on playing the game, by Tony Williams
      • An updated Condensed Rules by Tony Williams

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Congratulations to the many and varied publishers who have been nominated for this year’s ENnie award. The judges have selected the products they like the best, and now it’s down to the popular vote.ennie

Pelgrane Press has achieved fifteen nominations in eleven categories for nine products in this year’s ENnie awards, in a field festooned with stellar games and publishers.  Hillfolk, Eternal Lies and 13th Age get three nominations a piece, James Semple and his team of composers and musicians were regonised for the Complete Eternal Lies Suite and Dust and Mirrors in the Best RPG Related Product. I’m pleased that Clinton and Kevin  got some recognition for Best Writing for Owl Hoot Trail and Cat Tobin for Page XX.  Blood on the Snow perhaps has more contributors than any RPG product to date and is nominated for Best Supplement. The Noteboard is in with a chance for Best Aid and Accessory.

In addition to the Pelgrane nominations, Ken and Robin Talk About Stuff received a nomination for Best Podcast, and the Midgard Bestiary: 13th Age Edition from Kobold Press also received a well-deserved nod.

Here are the Pelgrane nominations, by product, then by category, followed by all nominees:

Listed by category:

Best Adventure

Best Podcast

Best Aid/Accessory

Best Production Values

Best RPG Related Product

Best Rules

Best Supplement

Best Writing

Best Game

Best Website

Product of the Year

Voting Open! Vote now for your favourites!

Pelgrane Press has received ten nominations for the ENnie Awards 2012 in six categories, including three of the five Best Adventure and Best Setting categories. We are all rather chuffed, and I will take a flask of tea to the ceremony. This is the first time we’ve entered Page XX to the ENnies and are thrilled that it has been nominated for Best Website. Graham and Ken are both nominated in their own right, too.

Voting begins today (Friday 20th July) and runs until Sunday 29th.

Here are all the Pelgrane Press nominations.

Best Adventure

Best Electronic Book

Best Rules

Best Setting

Best Website

Best Writing