We have three new playtesting opportunities available at the moment. If you’re interested in playtesting any of these please email me with the name of the game in the subject field (e.g. Love of Money Playtest), stating whether or not you’ve playtested for Pelgrane before. The deadline for these playtests is the end of March.

The Love of Money – The Esoterrorists

This is a fantastic new adventure from Matthew Sanderson. Ordo Veritatis agent John Sheldon has gone off the organisations rader following the loss of his wife in a car accident. He has been tracked to Amsterdam and the shady Metallon Corporation, an industrial giant headed by Johan van der Hulst, a prominant Esoterrorist with a very influential ‘imaginary’ friend. Your team must travel to Amsterdam and discover the dark secrets of van der Hulst and the true goal of the Metallon Corporation before it is too late.

The Dying Earth Revivification Folio – Dying Earth/Skulduggery

In preparation for the re-launch of The Dying Earth, Robin D Laws presents The Dying Earth RPG with the new, simpler Skulduggery rules system. It’s a standalone book, you don’t need to own the Skulduggery core book.

Pathshoe – GUMSHOE/Pathfinder

Gareth Hanrahan has produced a supplement for Pathfinder which will open new ways to approach discovery and adventuring and enable players to bring in the investigative rules from GUMSHOE into your Pathfinder game.

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More reviews from Lowell Francis over at RPGGeek, this time of the Dying Earth RPG and the Kaiin Player’s Guide.

Dying Earth RPG review –

Physically this is a gorgeous product. Beautifully laid out, with plenty of narrative text, quotations, examples and digressions on the nature of this system. It certainly manages to convey the feeling of the setting throughout, accompanied by excellent illustrations. If you collect rpg products, you ought to own a copy of this. I’d say the same thing if you’re a student of how complicated rules can be laid out well.

Full review can be found here.

Kaiin Player’s Guide review –

There’s something to be said for the brilliance of this as an rpg product. Often with city-books you have a GM’s guide, which means usually one player out of a group has a need to buy it. This is a generally rules-free supplement (avoiding power escalation or added complexity) which every one in a group could have a reason to buy.

Full review can be found here.

Pelgrane Press acquire the rights to publish an RPGs based on the Dying Earth and Gaean Reach Books By Jack Vance.

LONDON, ENGLAND: Pelgrane Press Ltd, a UK-based company,  announced today that it has acquired the rights to produce games based on Jack Vance’s seminal Dying Earth stories and The Gaean Reach series.

Pelgrane Press publishes the Dying Earth RPG and supplements, and more recently the GUMSHOE series of roleplaying games, including the Ennie-award-winning Trail of Cthulhu.

“When the Dying Earth licensed expired last year, we ran a closing down sale, and this was so succesful it enabled us to renew the license, and branch out into Jack Vance’s science fiction settings,” says Simon Rogers, Managing Director of Pelgrane Press. ” The Gaean Reach series offers a galaxy full of exotic cultures, flawed characters and complex machinations. It combines the crafted dialogue of the Dying Earth with Vance’s deft way with mysteries – ideal fodder for roleplaying games.”

John Vance, son of the 93-year-old author, says, “My father and I are very pleased to see Pelgrane Press developing further game modules based on these signature Vance worlds, and we hope they provide many hours of enjoyment, both to his long-time fans and to gamers new to the works.”

Robin D Laws will write the core rules for the Gaean Reach with Jim Webster and Peter Freeman providing first an Encyclopedia, then setting material and supplements. Expect to see a series of releases based on the many regions of the Gaean Reach. The Dying Earth will be on sale again shortly, with new material by Ian Thomson and new issues of XPS.

Jack Vance is the world’s greatest living Fantasy author. He wrote the DYING EARTH series of books over many years; the original volume “The Dying Earth” was released before Lord of the Rings. His loosely connected Gaean Reach fiction includes The Demon Princes series, Ports of Call and The Cadwal Chronicles.

Pelgrane Press is an award-winning RPG company established in 2000 and has published more than thirty books and rpg supplements, now translated into four languages.

Simon Rogers is the and owner of Pelgrane Press Ltd and co-owner of ProFantasy Software Ltd, creators of the Campaign Cartographer 3 map-making software for gamers.

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