My original brief for Ashen Stars spacehip combat was that all PCs should be involved, regardless of their position in the crew. That element was retained, but starship combat was substantially altered in playtest.  Read more on Robin’s blog…

Here’s a quick update on the state of the Eternal Lies suite.

This has been a truly phenomenal week with a chance for composers and authors to finally bounce ideas of one another. I’ve been absolutely amazed by the exceptional ideas coming from Will and Jeff and I’m so pleased about their enthusiasm for having their adventure scored. This week we began looking at the various chapters and how they will be scored.

Without giving away too much here, we have come up with around five distinct musical themes each representing concepts within the campaign. Therefore, chapters will reference themes based on the relevance of the concepts at the time. We’ll also be using this idea for the various stings that are to be used for specific circumstances. For instance, this week I created the sting for when a character is … well let’s politely say ‘retired’ from the game for whatever reason. This sting is a piano version of a theme which in one sense represents failure but is really part of a bigger concept. Perhaps I’ve said too much already…

We also agreed to include a new piece specifically to be played when the group are sitting back and reviewing the information they’ve amassed. We felt this would be a useful piece of music for keepers. In fact we’ve really spent a lot of time looking at the utility of this music for a group playing a game. That whole aspect has been very important for keeping us focused. The music must serve the game.

I hope that I’ll get a chance to include samples of the music during these articles to whet appetites!

Next week I’m going to start introducing the wonderful composers working alongside me to create this enormous suite of music.


Will Hindmarch adds a new entry to his Razed journal, in which he discusses the nature of the apocalypse, and the characters dealing with it.

Will Hindmarch is blogging about the development of the post-apocalyptic GUMSHOE game Razed, and Bill White is discussing New World, a game about colonisation, here.

This is your chance to give encouragement and feedback to the designers, and even do so some playtesting further down the line. Do drop by and leave a comment.