Here is an actual play recording at Fear the Con of the purist adventure Dance in the Blood. It takes a while to get going.

I’m pleased to say Pelgrane Press has received honourable mentions and nominations in the ENnie awards for our releases this year.

The Dance in the Blood by Graham Walmsley gets and honorable mention for Best Adventure, and a nomination for Best Writing. I think that Dance in the Blood is typical of Graham’s adventures, and any one of the others could have just as easily been nominated.

Bookhounds of London by Kenneth Hite gets an honourable mention for Best Setting, and a nomination for Cartography. Beth Lewis extracted, compiled and enhanced these antique maps with new information and the indexers over at yog-sothoth also deserve a big hand for this one. I’m sad that Ken didn’t get a nomination for the setting, which is just outstanding, but the competition was fierce.

Congratulations to all the other publishers and I’ll update you when the voting begins.

It’s official, Graham Walmsley’s Purist Adventure, The Dance in the Blood is number 1 on the latest episode of RPG Countdown, beating out the likes of the Dresden Files and Wizards of the Coast. You can hear the full broadcast here, which includes an interview with Graham.

Graham Walmsley’s new Purist adventure, The Dance in the Blood, is now available on RPGNow. As a celebration of this, for a limited time we are offering a bundle of all three Purist adventures on The Dance in the Blood, The Watchers in the Sky and The Dying of St Margaret’s, at a 15% discount!

cover_color There are monsters beneath the earth. You cannot fight them. You cannot run from them. And they are closer than you think.

In a forgotten corner of Northern England, between the rolling hills and tranquil dales nestles a village plagued by terrible secrets and subterranean horrors.

Every 119 years the village of Manesty is torn apart, its inhabitants massacred. It happened in 1697. It happened in 1816. Now it’s 1935 and horrific events have been set in motion. Swimming through the soil beneath the village are loathsome creatures waiting, impatiently, to rise above the earth and reclaim the land they believe is theirs and kill anyone who stands in their way, including the Investigators.

However, as with all the best Mythos adventures, not all is as it seems. The Investigators must uncover the mystery that has killed many and doomed others in the tiny village while struggling to keep their lives and the last vestiges of their sanity intact.

The Dance in the Blood is the third Purist scenario for Trail of Cthulhu from author Graham Walmsley, and is now available in print and PDF format in the collection The Final Revelation.


Stock #: PELGT14D Author: Graham Walmsley
Artist: Jerome Huguenin Pages: 29 pg PDF

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